Life with Sampson and Delilah….The 411

I mentioned in a previous post how my dogs have very slim collars with one tag (with a silencer on it) and that one tag has their name on the front and my name and cell phone number on the back.   Chet said something last night that reminded me of how important it is to have a name tag on your dog whether they are in their house, in their yard or somewhere else.

Our back yard is fenced it; and it is very hilly.  Last night when we let the dogs out for their before bedtime break Chet said, “someone’s been up there.”  At first I thought he meant someone human and admit I was a little bit nervous, but then he said one of the dogs has been up there.   Ok, I’ll bite, what’s the dilly?  Then he said something that really scared me, he said there’s so much snow up there that they can practically walk over the fence.  SNAP 

It reminded me of two instances within the last 14 months, where I came in contact with dogs that were without their owners.  The first time was on Christmas Eve and I was driving home past Risley Pond, a reservoir in the area when I saw two yellow labs running…alone.  Naturally I stopped and got a hold of the dogs and called the number on their tags.  Their dad came and got them and told me their mom liked to drop the leash and let them run, which a lot of people do in that area, but they ran off on her.  She was frantic trying to catch them, but naturally they run a lot faster than she did!

The second time was at work; one of my co-workers came in and said, there’s a dog outside.  Of course I went out and there was a sweet, very friendly dog that was just wandering around.  Luckily for the dog, she also had a tag with her name on the front and a phone number on the back.  I called and the owner was beside herself, both her dogs had escaped and her husband was out looking for them.  Thankfully once she called her husband she found out that he had the other dog, so there was a happy ending in both situations.  But it did reinforce for me, the importance of tags.

The tags are less than $10, come in about 6 different shapes and you can have them made almost instantly at most pet stores.  You love your pet and want the best for them, so please don’t skimp on a really important yet fairly inexpensive investment.

Comments on: "Day Seventy Two – The importance of tags." (3)

  1. Thanks for that reminder, Jodi. I would be absolutely devastated if we lost Molly and I don’t think Mike would ever be the same. I can’t imagine she would ever get away from us, being about 6 lbs. and only 8 months, but you never know. Next time I’m out we’re heading straight for the pet store to get one of those tags for her!

  2. Don’t know what to do about Jersey, it’s impossible to put a collar on her when her neck is bigger than her head!

    • I will look at the pet store the next time I am there Nancy and I will let you know what I find. Maybe a cat collar would work, just for the purpose of identication of course!

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