Life with Sampson and Delilah….The 411

It was another eventful evening at obedience class tonight.  I went without the dogs and am I ever grateful that I did.    Since we have been taking up to park, I think they are ok with exercise, but I wanted to go to help out with anyone that might help.  (I’m entertaining the idea of becoming a dog trainer.)

It seems like all the dogs are on edge, waiting for some nicer weather so they can go out and release some energy, since that isn’t happening some of them are trying to release their energy in class.  One little black lab tried to punk poor Mac (a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix);  Mac has been attacked before so naturally he is a little wary, when the dog came at him Mac went right back at him.  Mac got away from his owner and then Gunner (a Giant Schnauzer) took off and his mom ended up on the floor with a scraped and bruised wrist.  As Mac and Gunner lunged (here I am sitting on sidelines observing it all) I saw about five or six dogs rise as well.  This is what Sara calls a “Pack Mentality.”   Thankfully it was over in less than a minute, but still it left me thankful that both my dogs were home.  Miss Delilah certainly would have wanted to add her two cents to the mix.

Just as we get tired of the weather that constricts us from our regular routines, so too must our dogs.  The reason I really backed off walking them was because of the ice (and cold) but I have ski pants and I need to remember that and use them if needed.  I have found a renewed enjoyment in hiking with Chet, Sampson and Delilah, even if it’s only on the same trails around our house.

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