Life with Sampson and Delilah….The 411

Wow!  Our  friend over at 2BrownDawgs awarded us with the Versatile Blogger Award!    Thank you dear friend, we are honored to accept this award.

There are four simple rules:

Post a link to the person who gave you the award.

Tell your readers seven random things about yourself.

Award 15 newly discovered blogs.

Send them a note letting them know you nominated them.

Here goes…

1)  Sometimes it takes me a really long time to figure things out.  The first time I received this award I didn’t know 15 bloggers.  I didn’t know about having links to other bloggers on your web page (blogrolls), or about gaining exposure for your blog by commenting on other people’s blogs.  The first time I had a ping back in my comments, I deleted it as spam. 😦  I spent that first day (after being bestowed the award) frantically looking for blogs I could give the award to.  If you were one who received this award from me back then, please don’t be offended; I found a lot of great blogs that day. 

2)  Because of the experience with the first award, I am proud to say every day I make it a point to read a blog I have never read before; and comment on it.  I have found some really neat blogs because of this.

3)  My greatest desire is to have the money to build a sanctuary for animals; similar to the one at Glen Highland Farms.  Mine would not be breed specific, instead we would take dogs, cats, horses and other domestic animals.   There would be a large training facility for dogs including rings for agility, areas for dock diving and loads of hiking trails.  Under-privileged children would come on school vacations to live in the country and experience caring for and loving an animal.  The facility would be open to all animal lovers to come and enjoy.  There would be a large Bed and Breakfast, for those who long for traditional comfort as well as cabins for those who crave the more rustic life.  This would be a place where all who came would enjoy the beauty of nature and the type of soul healing that only comes from the privilege of loving an animal.  I would run this with my daughter Lynn, whose love for animals inspires me.

4)  The dogs have formal names, the names I use (just like your mama did) when they get in trouble.  They also have nicknames.  Sampson has a myriad of nicknames some of them include “Buddy,” “Bubba,” “Puppy,” “My Baby,” “Big Boy,” “Pooter,”  “Monkey Face” but the one I use the most (that he does answer to) is “Punkin.”  His formal name is Sampson Aragorn Stone.  Yes, he is named from a Lord of the Rings character; yes it was my decision and I would have named him Aragorn if Chet hadn’t put his foot down.  

Delilah only has two nicknames “Sweet Pea” and “Pretty Girl” although sometimes I do call her “Baby Girl.”  Her full name is Delilah Rose Stone.  Her middle name was supposed to be Arwen (yes, yes I know) but somehow it just didn’t fit.  I call her my second-hand rose, because someone tossed this beauty aside.

5)  I love to read, and I read very fast.  I finished the last Harry Potter book (The Deathly Hallows) in 27 hours; and that included sleeping, eating and cleaning my house.  When I set my mind to it (and have the down time) I can finish a book off in less than a day and retain it enough to discuss in-depth.  Which is why I traditionally don’t like to read the book before the movie, because I sit there and say, “That didn’t happen.”

6)  I am very competitive.  I call second place, “The First Loser.”  I do try to be gracious whether winning or (gasp) losing, but winning is the ultimate goal for me.  This probably makes me sound very petty, but I must be honest with you and expose the good things about me as well as the not-so-good.

7)  I now know of at least 15 blogs deserving of this award, but because some of you have already received this award, I am passing it off to nine others.  They may have received this award in the past, but if they have I am not aware of it.

So without further ado, and in no particular order here are my nominees for the Versatile Blogger Award:

Life at Golden Pines – I recently found this blog and just fell in love with it; I love the way she writes and found myself scrolling back through previous posts just to catch up. 

Peaceful Dog – I fell in love with picture of the brindle colored dog in the header and just kept reading.

That Mutt – I’ve seen a variety of topics on this blog, all interesting and very well written.

A Boston Photo Blog – I found this blog on Freshly Pressed, the post was a tribute to her dogs (which is what initially attracted me) but I like her style.

Bullfrogs and Bulldogs – Another Freshly Pressed find, a city girl relocates to the country and seems to love the life.  Her blog is about all her experiences in the country.

thecvillean – I found Big Al on a comment on someone’s blog (sorry I can’t remember who) and his name intrigued me so I clicked on him.  He writes about different subjects but they are always interesting.

Life with Sophie – Patty found me somehow and left a comment, so I checked out her blog.  She does a lot of agility and flyball with her Sophie.  Come on, it’s a blog about a lab; how can you not love it?

Tart to Heart – Another one of my Freshly Pressed finds, this lady is a killer baker!  Her recipes rock (I have tried two so far) and her food pictures look awesome!

The Single Cell – This gal writes about everything, you never know what her topic will be, but you can bet it will make you think!

My Reality Show – This is one of my newer finds, the first post I read was about women wearing the same outfits and the feelings this invokes.  The next posts were about her Lila, who she adopted from the local Humane Society. 

I hope you get the opportunity to check out some of my favorite blogs, if you do pop on back and let me know what you think.

Thanks again to our friend at 2 Brown Dawgs, we appreciate you thinking of us!

Happy reading.

Comments on: "Versatile Blogger….Day Two Hundred, Fifty Nine" (18)

  1. Congrats on your award! You deserve it : )

  2. Frankie Furter said:

    I love your #3 !!!
    I can’t WAIT for your PAWm Eat A Kit class… Could I sign up fur it NOW???

    • Frankie, can you tell me HOW people are going to sign up for the PAWm Eat a Kit class? I’m not really sure I know!

      But do you have your PAWm date picked out yet? What was your PAWmposal? How did you ask?

      #3 is my favorite too….but so far it is only a dream. 🙂

  3. You are so deserving the award. I was in the same boat as your number 1 when I received my first award (Stylish Blogger I think). Really these blog things ought to come with instructions…lol. At the time I had been blogging now and again, but really didn’t know much about how to set up my blog…lol.

    My nominees have all been great sports and really quick to make their nominations. I can’t wait to check yours out!

    • Thank you for giving me the award, you are so right! I go to other people’s blogs and go, “how do they make it look like that?” I am so challenged with this. Sooner or later I am going to figure it out, then watch out world! LOL

      You had some really good nominees and I have been checking them out! 🙂 Thanks again!

  4. Thanks Jodi! What an honor! I’m going to check out your nominees and get to work on finding my own!

  5. Thank you Jodi! I will get to work on my nominations this weekend. I have really enjoyed following your blog and learning more about Delilah and Sampson!

  6. Patty, you are very welcome! I do enjoy hearing all about Sophie and your adventures!

  7. Thanks you for the honor, Jodi. I’ve been vacationing a lot lately and not blogging as much but hope to get back to a more regular routine soon. I appreciate loyal readers like you!

  8. Congratulations on your great award. My mom just got to tour the Helen Woodward Animal Center in California & it has many of the programs that you talked about, like day camp for kids.

    We’ll be writing about it on Pet Blogs United soon.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  9. Congratulations on winning the award!

    Thanks for thinking to include me on your list – I appreciate it. See #1 above for why it will take me a while to put together a list of nominees.

    I enjoy reading your blog.

    Thanks again!

  10. I would love to see you succeed in creating a no-kill sanctuary with a B&B, cabins, and underprivileged kids! Love that idea. Do you know about Our Companions in Ashford? It has taken them years but they are slowly raising the funds to build a no-kill sanctuary. I support them financially, but haven’t had time to do any volunteer work; if you could find the time that might be really helpful as a means to your goals! And congrats on your award Jodi!

  11. I had heard of them Kathy, but totally forgot. I should check into it; I would love to volunteer!

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