Life with Sampson and Delilah….The 411

For those new to the blog, my follow-up Friday provides me with an opportunity to update or revise a post from the previous week.

Tasty Tuesday – Author’s Note:

I think I should probably clear something up about the green beans.  The dogs don’t normally  eat the green beans frozen.  I buy the big bag at my local warehouse club and then I put some of the green beans in a medium size container in the bottom drawer of my fridge.  The beans last about three days in the bottom drawer, most days the beans are thawed but on the days when I forget to fill the container, the dogs happily eat the frozen green beans.  It really is no different from putting green beans in their Kongs and freezing them (which I have done.)

Veteran’s/Armistice/Remembrance Day

I do want to take a moment today for reflection.  Today is Veteran’s Day, a day when we remember and honor those who selflessly serve (d) in the military.  Other countries call this Armistice Day or Remembrance Day.

My freedoms are important to me and I sleep peacefully in my bed at night, because there are fearless men and women separated from their loved ones, who stand vigilant and ready through the dark and sometimes noisy night to protect those freedoms.  While I can’t thank them all personally, I can send a shout out to those I know (and love.)

So today especially I want to thank my daughter Cassie, my nephew Andrew, my son-in-law Alex, Esther Stevenson, Daly Miranda, Reuben Luyanda, Antonio Alcover, Matthew Lorenzen and his wife Karen, Jeremy Lacey and Brandon Griffith. These soldiers currently serve in the US Military both home and abroad.

I’d also like to thank those who previously served, my nephew Kyle, Amanda Hannon, Lilliana Alcover, Kim Russell, Lloyd Sweeney, Tommy Smith and my own dear Hubby.

For a lovely post about a dog who served click here.



Comments on: "Follow-Up Friday….Day Three Hundred, Forty Six" (14)

  1. My dogs love the green beans frozen and it’s good for their teeth.

  2. That’s a lot of people you love in military service. You wrote a nice appreciation.

  3. Lest we forget.

  4. Love u!

  5. Nice post for Veteran’s Day. Thank you to our Vets. 🙂

  6. People who don’t appreciate what the armed forces do for us have no appreciation for freedom. Here’s to the end of all wars.

  7. Nice post to our vets, so thankful for them.

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