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WTF Wednesday

Please note this post is not meant to make light of the deeds described here, only to make fun of, ridicule, bully and just plain beat the shit out of the idiots who commit these stupid acts.

The entire post was going to be devoted to my Canadian friends.   Montreal to be exact.

Wicca the Pit Bull

If you’re on facebook you probably heard about Wicca, another Pit Bull euthanized for a incident where the owner states the dog did not bite, only grazed.  It is a similar case to Lennox where the owner appealed but was rejected.  Sadly Wicca was euthanized last Thursday.

What makes this case even worse, is the city is trying to pass a new law where a dog involved in a bite incident can be euthanized within 24 hours, leaving very little time for the dog’s owner to take any legal action.

To this I say, Montreal, WTF?

When did people lose all common sense?  I know the old saying if common sense was common…. but come on!  Pull your heads out of your asses and think about it.  What causes a dog to bite?  Why are the circumstances not taken into consideration?

Is there nothing more pressing going on in your community that you cannot focus on?

What if you were to spend your money say on fixing the economy? Instead of persecuting dogs because they look a certain way.

I thought Montreal’s stupidity was more than enough for a W.T.F. Wednesday post and then I saw this.

Rep. Steve King defends the right to watch dog fighting and this GOP Rep. Steve King Defends Dog Fighting, IOWA – Warning if you click on one of these links you will see the results of dog fighting.

Apparently Iowa’s representative King opposes an amendment to the farm bill, which he verbalized at a tele-townhall last week.

I could go on a rant right here and call Mr. King every name under the sun, but if I cannot articulate my words and be concise in my criticism than I am just as ignorant as he is.

I’m just going to quote Mr. King  here, “It’s wrong to rate animals above human beings,” he told the questioner. To make his point, King argued that “there’s something wrong” for society to make it a “federal crime to watch animals fight” but “it’s not a federal crime to induce somebody to watch people fighting.”

Let me explain the difference to you assbag. (Ok, sometimes articulation is over-rated.)

People who CHOOSE to fight do so of THEIR OWN FREE WILL.  They know full well the risks involved in fighting and take those risks willingly.

Unlike dogs, bears and roosters who are starved, tortured and tormented oh and did I forget, EXECUTED when they lose.

It really makes me wonder where we are headed as a society when our elected officials have this kind of mentality.

Complaining doesn’t work.

You can write as many letters and e-mails as you want, you can call every day, every five minutes even, sign as many petitions as you can but unless you have your representative’s cell phone number or can schedule a face to face, the reality is your representative won’t hear your words.  An admin in his office is writing down your comments and generalizing them with her weekly reports.

Yes Mr. King you had 52 people call and complain about your comment regarding dog fighting.

Thank you Susan, duly noted.

Real change.

Just because your congressman/representative isn’t reading your e-mails doesn’t mean you CAN’T make a difference.

We   live in the world of social media.  You can blog it, tweet it, facebook, google+, pin it, the possibilities are endless.  The point is to keep these critical animal issues in the spotlight.  Send information to your local news networks, ask them to cover the stories.

Shine the light on the ignorance associated with BSL and dog fighting.

Oh and if you live in Iowa, your voice is heard at the polls.

It’s the only way.

Bloggers Unite For Dog Rescue

Today is Blog the Change, an event that takes place on the 15th of January, April, July and October.

One day per quarter participating bloggers dedicate their blogs to an animal related cause near and dear to our hearts.  For today’s blog the change, participating bloggers are trying to bring awareness to a special event taking place this month.

On July 23rd, bloggers from all over the world will unite for one day, to shine the focus on dog rescue.

Since rescuing Delilah in 2007, the plight of dogs in shelters has weighed heavily on my mind.

We know little to nothing about Delilah’s past.  What I do know is she came to us via American Lab Rescue on a transport from Tennessee.  Her vet papers indicate she came from Lake Charles, Louisiana.

We do know she was vaccinated by the vet for Rabies, Bordatella, Distemper and Parvo and she was also dewormed.  That’s the only information we received.

When she got off the transport, her teats were swollen.  Never having been around a mother dog before I had no idea she’d already had a litter of puppies.  I just assumed she was a bit chubby.

She also had some very bright reddish pink scars on her feet.

I have no idea what actually happened to her, whether she had been abused or had spent time on her own and gotten stuck.  I suspect she was either a breeding dog that someone threw away, or a breeding dog that escaped, which would explain the scars on her feet.

Delilah is a wonderful dog.

Granted she has not been without her challenges but I’m a person who typically rises to the challenge.

Her original name was supposed to be Delilah Arwen, but it just didn’t ring.  So I named her Delilah Rose.  I call her my second-hand rose and still can’t believe someone actually tossed her away without realizing her full potential.

Having experienced the love and laughter she has brought into my life, I know with certainty that any dogs I have in future will be rescued dogs.

I know rescuing is not for everyone, but there are other ways you can help.  By donating time or money to a shelter or rescue, fostering when you can. One dog pulled from a shelter and placed into foster care means there is space for one more dog in the shelter.

I know not everyone blogs, but I know you are all on either facebook, twitter or pinterest.  Would you please help us spread the word about July 23rd?

SPREAD THE WORD – BLOGGERS UNITE FOR DOG RESCUE – Promote dog adoption on July 23rd! #BtC4A

And on July 23rd, please share our blog posts on your social media networks and to help raise awareness.

This is a blog hop, if you are interested in linking up you can get your code here.

WTF/Whoo Hoo Wednesday

Please note this post is not meant to make light of the deeds described here, only to make fun of, ridicule, bully and just plain beat the shit out of the idiots who commit these stupid acts.

Puppy Found in Dumpster – Winnipeg, Canada

This has got to be one of the cutest little puppies I have ever seen.

Photo courtesy of CJOB/68

Rayne a little shepherd-collie mix was found in the pouring rain in a dumpster.  Considering the size of the puppy and the size of a dumpster, I think we can all surmise that someone threw her in there.

Puppy Found in Trash Can – Atlanta, Georgia

Peyton a little shepherd mix was found by a feral cat searcher, covered in trash, tar and grime in the bottom of a trash can.  Again, considering the size of the puppy and the size of a 55 gallon trash can, it’s pretty apparent that at only four months old this little guy was thrown away.


Puppies are so easy to place, I know at our local Humane Society puppies come in and puppies go out.  There is absolutely no need to throw a puppy away!  Cripes, at least drop it off at the pound so it has a chance, don’t leave it alone, having to fend for itself.  Do the Humane thing!

If the worst happens and the puppy is destroyed at least it isn’t starved to death.

Give it a fighting chance.

If I were a millionaire I would organize a watchdog group, who would use all resources available to track down the cowards who dump dogs.  And guess what?

Yup, they’d go in a giant friggin dumpster!  Left alone to fend for themselves and eat garbage.

Up yours coward.

Whoo Hoo Wednesday

The whoo hoo part of this post is designed to celebrate the small and large triumphs within our animal community.

Missing dog found alive after southeastern Arizona crash – Arizona

It was a sad story out of Arizona, Monday and Tuesday.  A renowned agility trainer, Elicia Calhoun had a terrible car accident Monday morning.  All six of her dogs were ejected from the car.  A thirteen week-old-puppy was killed at the scene and three of the dogs were taken to the vet but the other two dogs ran off.

I found the story yesterday morning on the No Dog About It Blog and was captivated.  I immediately joined the facebook page that had been set up to help find the two missing dogs and I checked it every five minutes, holding my breath, hoping to hear that both dogs had been found alive and well.

Sadly one of the dogs was hit by a car and killed while the other one, Tobie remained missing.  Elicia checked herself out of the hospital to assist in the search and shortly after 9:00 am (mountain time) the word came down that Tobie had been found and reunited with Elicia.

The picture said it all.

Photo courtesy of ABC


That’s all I have for today, so what had you shaking your head and screaming, W.T.F. or Whoo Hoo this week?

Just One Day

Today was Just One Day.

I feel really bad that I haven’t posted about this event before now.  When I first heard about it I thought what a great idea, liked it on facebook, shared it when I saw it pop up in my feed, but totally forgot to blog about it.

In retrospect I should have blogged about it sooner so YOU could have blogged, tweeted, and shared it yourselves.  Ah the best laid plans.

If you haven’t heard about it, let me share their goal from their website, “We are asking animal shelters across the USA to take a pledge not to kill any savable animals on June 11, 2012. For Just One Day, “Euthanasia Technicians” will put down their syringes and pick up cameras. Instead of injecting animals with lethal doses of sodium pentobarbital, they will photograph them and post them on the Internet, on Facebook, on twitter. On June 11, 2012, they will market their animals to the public, they will reach out to rescue groups, they will host adoption events with discounted rates, they will stay open for extended hours, and they will ask their communities to help them empty the shelter the good way.”

Their facebook page had a map of the United States with a color chart at the bottom.  Each color represented a number of shelters and as shelters joined the cause, colors changed and the update would say, “California just turned pink.”  It was exciting to see the amount of shelters participating in such a worthwhile cause.  California was the winner with 41 to 50 shelters participating.

My facebook page kept getting updated with the exciting news like this, “More exciting news: Roanoke Valley SPCA in Virginia reports 33 adoptions on a day they are normally closed. They report adoptions at the municipal shelter, which is also normally closed. And they report a full parking lot. Way to go Roanoke!

Meanwhile, one shelter ran out of animals after their 186th adoption in Florida, another shelter was emptied in Tennessee, another in Arizona report lots and lots of empty cages as animals are being adopted in droves! “

When I took a look at the map I realized every single state had organizations that participated. Some of the shelters were reporting they don’t have hard numbers on how many animals have been adopted because their computer systems just couldn’t keep up, they won’t have hard figures until tomorrow.

I’m not sure when there will be a total number but I just can’t wait to hear about it.

Now doesn’t THAT warm the cockles of your heart?


I have to throw a big congratulations out to three of my fellow bloggers.

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a big pet blogging social media conference taking place next month.  I had really hoped to go, but finances just wouldn’t allow, so I will have to read all about it from all you awesome bloggers who do attend. 🙂

I read on the Blogpaws website this morning that at the conference there will be a Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogging and Social Media Awards event on the red carpet Saturday evening, June 23rd.

I was so excited to find out that three of the bloggers I follow, were nominated!

Kristine from Rescued Insanity is up for Best Blog Writing.  How awesome is that?  Seriously the girl puts out good quality blog content (with a little help from the tornado on a leash,  Shiva,) raises money for animals, runs in marathons and all without breaking a sweat.

Up for Best Blog Photo, is Jen at My Brown Newfies.  (Go ahead check out the photo, I’ll wait.) Isn’t it absolutely adorable?

I only recently started following My Brown Newfies and I have to say, her Leroy reminds me of Delilah, only way bigger.  I’d go so far as to say cuter, but sorry Jen I gotta stick with my chocolate girl.  I sure do hope you win though! 🙂

Last, but certainly not least, up for Best Cause is BTC 4 Animals.  If you’ve been around the blogosphere for a while you know that every three months on the 15th, is Blog the Change, a day when pet bloggers unite and blog about a way to help animals.

This dedicated group of ladies don’t just blog about change once a quarter, they all have their passions and work tirelessly to educate and inform and really BE the change.  Just pop over and check out the website to see what their cause is today.

I really wish I was going to be in Salt Lake City cheering my friends on, but since I can’t you can bet I’ll be cheering from home.

Congratulations to all of the nominees and best of luck to my blogging friends!! I can’t wait to hear all about it.

Be The Change

I’ve been thinking about this Be The Change For Animals post for a while.  I thought I had it all planned out in my head but now that I am sitting down to write it, it’s like I have writer’s block.  My own fault for waiting until today to try to come up with a good post.  So I’m going to switch topics and pray that the next Be The Change, I will be better prepared.

If you’ve been reading this blog in the past week you know we had some issues at an investment property we own.  You can read the whole story here.

While I was researching the charges brought against the intruder, I found that the cruelty to animals charge is classified as a Misdemeanor U.  The charge totally confused me, so I did a little research.

A Misdemeanor U is an unclassified crime that still has penalties.  In the state of CT a cruelty to animals charge is punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a $50.00 fine.

Big. Deal.

I don’t know about you, but I find this totally unacceptable.

For my Be The Change For Animals post tonight, I am calling for harsher penalties for animal cruelty.  I intend on contacting my State Representative and ask him what I need to do to get this important issue before the legislature.

I encourage you to do the same.  Take a moment to find out what the penalty for animal cruelty is in your state and if you don’t think it’s strong enough, then find out what you need to do to change it.

Together we can be the change.

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