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Be The Dog

Back in April, Pamela over at Something Wagging had a post titled, You Can’t Do That! Oh yeah? Watch Me.

In the post Pamela made the observation that there are so many people who tell us what we cannot do.  Pamela stated “Well I like surprises—people and animals that do awesome things because they don’t know they’re not expected to do them well.”

Then she posted a video of a St. Bernard doing agility.

I know.  Not normally a dog you would associate with that sport.

But here’s the kicker, the St. Bernard has no idea that the agility ring isn’t designed for large dogs, he just knows that it’s something he enjoys doing.  And he does it quite well I might add.

In the comments I noted in response to another blogger’s comment, “it’s much harder trying to do something others tell you, you can’t, then doing something when you just don’t know better.”

I ended the post with, “Be the St. Bernard.”

Pamela said it was a lovely mantra.

A couple of weeks ago Pamela had another post, Don’t Worry About Messing Up Your Hair, in which she noted dog’s aren’t self-conscious like humans are.

A dog doesn’t care what it looks like after rolling in that mud puddle, the dog just knows that the mud puddle looks fun.  After this post I noted perhaps the mantra should change from Be The St. Bernard to Be The Dog.

Dogs have a way of living in the moment, it doesn’t matter how their day went, if you come home and say want to go for a walk, the dog seizes the opportunity.

The dog has no idea of what it can’t do.  Can’t isn’t a word dogs understand.

After listening to today’s keynote speaker, Lena West via the live stream from BlogPaws 2012 Conference I’ve decided I need to take can’t out of my vocabulary.

There are a number of things I need to do if I want to take this blog to the next level.

If I want this blog to live up to its full potential, I need to seize opportunities.

I need to be the dog.


I have to throw a big congratulations out to three of my fellow bloggers.

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a big pet blogging social media conference taking place next month.  I had really hoped to go, but finances just wouldn’t allow, so I will have to read all about it from all you awesome bloggers who do attend. 🙂

I read on the Blogpaws website this morning that at the conference there will be a Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogging and Social Media Awards event on the red carpet Saturday evening, June 23rd.

I was so excited to find out that three of the bloggers I follow, were nominated!

Kristine from Rescued Insanity is up for Best Blog Writing.  How awesome is that?  Seriously the girl puts out good quality blog content (with a little help from the tornado on a leash,  Shiva,) raises money for animals, runs in marathons and all without breaking a sweat.

Up for Best Blog Photo, is Jen at My Brown Newfies.  (Go ahead check out the photo, I’ll wait.) Isn’t it absolutely adorable?

I only recently started following My Brown Newfies and I have to say, her Leroy reminds me of Delilah, only way bigger.  I’d go so far as to say cuter, but sorry Jen I gotta stick with my chocolate girl.  I sure do hope you win though! 🙂

Last, but certainly not least, up for Best Cause is BTC 4 Animals.  If you’ve been around the blogosphere for a while you know that every three months on the 15th, is Blog the Change, a day when pet bloggers unite and blog about a way to help animals.

This dedicated group of ladies don’t just blog about change once a quarter, they all have their passions and work tirelessly to educate and inform and really BE the change.  Just pop over and check out the website to see what their cause is today.

I really wish I was going to be in Salt Lake City cheering my friends on, but since I can’t you can bet I’ll be cheering from home.

Congratulations to all of the nominees and best of luck to my blogging friends!! I can’t wait to hear all about it.

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