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Follow-Up Friday

For those new to the blog, my follow-up Friday provides me with an opportunity to update or revise a post from the previous week.

You know sometimes you post about something and you need an update but it doesn’t warrant a whole blog.  Or sometimes someone made a comment that really resonated with you.  Yup, Follow-Up Friday baby!

Please feel free to grab the badge and join me in recapping or wrapping up your week.   It doesn’t matter if you do it every week or just once in  a while.

This week’s posts have been largely focused on training.  If you have a dog you understand some part of your life will always include training.

I’d like anyone who’s struggling with a challenging dog to know that there is hope.

Don’t give up, check out new trainers, new sports, new groups.  Find something that works for both you and your dog.

Practice Makes Perfect –  Update:

On yesterday’s walk I took Delilah off-leash again.  As soon as I took her off, I called her back.  Anytime she got too far ahead of me, I called her back.  Most of the time she kept coming back to me on her own, or kept looking back at me, as if she wanted my approval.

I gave it to her, along with lots of treats.

Again I kept her off-leash time to a limit, then back on leash she went.

It is the small successes that add up.

Passive Aggressive – Author’s Note

I think I could write another full post on this particular topic.  There is so much I want to say, about the way people around me train and take care of their dogs.  Look for me to come back to this topic at a future date.

WTF/Whoo Hoo Wednesday – Update

Pamela was kind enough to point out that I missed a great big Whoo Hoo.  And that would be to the eight strangers who banded together to get the GDS, Misty down from the mountain.

That was my bad.  I was trying to shorten my post and get it published in a timely fashion.  And truthfully, sometimes the WTF really brings me down.

My friend at 2 Brown Dawgs blog mentioned in the comments that she read the entire thread regarding Misty’s rescue.

I didn’t.

Apparently the dog’s plight was posted on the message board and a group of people got together and went in and rescued Misty.

Then her owner came forward.

Which once again is a topic for an entire post, but only after I read the entire thread. 🙂

That’s it for me, hope you have a great weekend!

Tasty Tuesday

When I went grocery shopping last week I picked up a jar of unsweetened applesauce.  I thought it might be a nice change for the dogs in their nightly treats.

I decided to use white bones, just for a change of pace.

You know the ones you picked up filled with processed cheese?

I frosted one end with pumpkin in the morning before I left for work and let is sit in the freezer all day long.

Canned pumpkin is perfect for this purpose, because it is really thick and won’t run out of the bone into your freezer.

When I got home I filled the rest of the bone with applesauce and stood it up in a bowl for about 2 1/2 hours.  It was just long enough for the applesauce to freeze.

At snack time I handed them off to Sampson and Delilah.

Sampson began working happily on his.

Delilah wasn’t quite sure what to do.

Hubby and I heard her in the living room barking at it.  Apparently she thought if she barked at it, she could turn it into her Kong. 🙂

Hubby said, get a video of it.

Of course, as soon as I turned the video on, she figured out how to attack it.

Here’s what you need:

One empty bone

About a tablespoon of canned pumpkin and about 1/4 cup of applesauce (depending upon the size of the bone.)

Smear the pumpkin on one end of the bone and place in the freezer for a couple of hours.  Remove from freezer and fill the remainder of the bone with applesauce.

Place the bone pumpkin side down in a glass and place back in the freezer for a couple of hours.

When the applesauce is frozen, remove and serve.

The whole treat is probably less than 75 calories and it should last your dog (depending on how aggressively they lick it) a good 15 to 20 minutes.

Easy right?

Yes it is.  It’s also The Tasty Tuesday blog hop hosted by Kol’s Notes and Sugar the Golden Retriever.  You can get your linky code at either one of the hosts.

Hop on.

Another Post About Poop

It’s been great being on vacation this week, even though I didn’t get nearly enough accomplished with this blog.  What I did enjoy quite frequently was early morning walks.  You know, before it got too stinkin hot out.

Yesterday as we were making our way across the field I could tell Delilah had to poop.  It’s just a skill I was born with I guess.

When she stopped to drop, I noticed something really red around her (what the hell do you call it?)  I’m calling it her bung hole.

Look I know it’s gross but she is always in front of me on a long leash so most times when she poops I’m staring at her bung hole.

Anyway, it was really red, almost like blood and so I took a couple of steps closer and reached down to lift her tail for a good look.

Stop it, I know it’s gross.

Do you want to hear the rest of the story or not?

It kind of looked like a purple shiny thing was sticking out, similar to what I thought a hemorrhoid might look like.

I called the vet.  They were busy so I left a message.

When we got home I had Hubby look at it.  It wasn’t as obvious as when I saw it but he did see something and agreed we should have it checked.

The vet’s office returned my call and said they could see Delilah at 5:20.

We were scheduled to see Dr. Ulery, someone we had never seen before.

When Dr. Ulery came in my dog was gaga.  I’m not kidding, I have never seen her smile SO much, she leaned into Dr. Ulery with a big smile on her face and Dr. Ulery loved on her.

Truthfully, I was a little jealous, I think she might have actually liked the Dr. more than she likes me.

Then the fun stopped and the sirius part of the exam began.  I asked if Dr. Ulery would mind me taking pictures for my blog.  I suppose I might have asked Delilah but since she couldn’t answer me anyway, I didn’t.

I forbid you to put this picture on the blog mom! It’s humiliating.

Dr. Ulery gave her a thorough exam, she did notice that one of her glands was full so she expressed that for her, but besides that she couldn’t find any signs of an infection or a hemorrhoid.

This is Ali, the vet tech loving on my girl.

I tried to explain what I had seen and my best description was it looks like a red-rimmed eye.  Dr. Ulery said that is actually what their butt looks like when they poop.

Then she asked if it would be okay if she called me on Monday or Tuesday to see how Delilah was doing.  Are you kidding I wanted to say, shoot me your cell phone number I’ll let you know how she’s doing every single day. 🙂

I thanked her for not thinking I was nuts for bringing my dog in because I thought I saw something, and told her I would much rather bring my dog in and have them tell me it was nothing, then bring my dog in too late.

She said she was glad I had that attitude and wished that more of her patients had the same attitude.

As for Delilah, well she got treaties from Ali, rubbies from Dr. Ulery and had a normal poop this morning.

How about you, have you ever gone to the vet and been told it was nothing?

Follow-Up Friday

For those new to the blog, my follow-up Friday provides me with an opportunity to update or revise a post from the previous week.

You know sometimes you post about something and you need an update but it doesn’t warrant a whole blog.  Or sometimes someone made a comment that really resonated with you.  Yup, Follow-Up Friday baby!

If you like this idea of wrapping posts up on your blog, please feel free to use Follow-Up Friday.  I plan on working on a badge that you will be able to use should you choose to participate. (Thanks for the idea, 2BrownDawgs!)

Mock 10 With My Hair On Fire – Author’s Note

Some of you noted I have quite a bit of Springsteen on my playlist, what can I say, I’m a Jersey Girl at heart. 😉

Siriusly, Springsteen’s music really helped me through a hard time and I find myself still turning to the songs that made me feel so good when things were so bad.  So many of his songs still resonate with me.

My Vet’s In A Sling – Update

I think we caught this allergy really early, I noticed Sampson doesn’t seem to be breaking out with any new hives.  The few that are there appear to be drying up.

He finished his third full day of two per day Prednisone today, tomorrow he starts one per day.  I did cut him back on the Benadryl because something seemed to be making him a little uncomfortable.  I noticed he was really clingy on Wednesday night.  Since his last Prednisone was this morning I may just give him two Benadryl tonight and see how that goes.

BTW when we were are the vet’s I mentioned my little cell phone post and she said that’s exactly WHY she doesn’t give her number out.  LOL

WTF Wednesday – Author’s Note

I was heartened to hear Victoria Stillwell is calling for an investigation into the Belfast City Council’s actions.  Whether Lennox was actually euthanized on Wednesday or if he had already passed their actions were cruel and callous, bordering on pure maliciousness.

The stories I am hearing just make me want to cry.  I cannot believe people can treat animals and other human beings so cruelly.

If I were a citizen of Belfast and Ireland in general I would be calling for terminations of positions and I would be letting people know in no uncertain terms exactly what I thought of them.

Lennox may be gone, but he will never be forgotten, as cruel and horrific as this is, I pray it’s an enlightenment for many as to just how unfair and unjust BSL.

Puppy Steps – Author’s Note

Our homework for this week (besides working on the commands we worked on in class) was to start learning the take command.  I saw my opportunity when I walked in the door tonight and Delilah brought me her stuffed toy.

I said, take and held out the treat.  She dropped the toy like she was supposed to but once she knew I had treats, she wouldn’t touch the toy again!

Any thoughts on how to work through that? LOL

That’s it for me, I hope you have a great weekend.

Thanks for reading!

My Vet’s In A Sling!

If you’re a long time reader of this blog you may remember that last year poor Sampson had an allergic reaction to something in our yard.  If you didn’t know about it, but want to check it out you can read about it here.

This past weekend I noticed Sampson had a couple of scabs on his head. 😦

Seeing as I haven’t gotten my vet’s cell phone number yet….I text my friend Jen (My Brown Newfies) first thing Sunday morning and asked her the proper dose of Benadryl for a dog Sampson’s size.   She may yet regret giving me that number…:-)

I started Sampson on the Benadryl immediately and called the vet first thing yesterday morning.  Unfortunately they were all booked up and couldn’t fit me in until NEXT Tuesday!

I took the appointment and asked to leave a message for my vet.

A few minutes later the office called back saying they had a cancellation and could I come in for an 11:00 am appointment. It was 10:30 am.  There was no way I could make it home to get Sampson and down to their office in that amount of time.

They said they’d keep trying.

I relayed the story to Hubby when he called at lunch time, we decided to keep Sampson on the Benadryl unless the vet told us differently.

Around 3:00 pm the vet’s office called to tell me after speaking with our vet, arrangements had been made to see Sampson this morning at 10:00.

I let Hubby know this when he came home from work, as I said it I looked over at him and said, What are you smirking about?

He said, I like how you had them bend to your will.

I laughed.  It might seem that way, but that’s not what happened.

This morning I left poor broken-hearted Delilah with Grandma, while Sampson and I took a trip to the vet.

Someone is going to come in and pet me, right Mom?

I was taking Sampson’s picture when our vet came in.  Her vet tech said,  oh I forgot to tell you about Dr. Soutter’s condition.

I whipped my head around.

My vet’s in a sling!

Dr. Soutter is suffering from a shoulder injury, which is how it happened we got an appointment today.  She was scheduled to be in surgery today.

After examining my sweet boy Dr. Soutter determined he is having another allergic reaction.  Luckily for us we caught it before it became infected.  Thankfully they didn’t have to shave his head this year.

Tonight he started a short-term dose of steroids and Dr. Soutter wants him to remain on the Benadryl for a bit.

When I went back looking for last year’s blog post I noticed I had mentioned I needed to find a hat for him to wear in the spring/summer so as not to expose his head to whatever it is that he is allergic too.

I still haven’t done that.

I also noticed how horrible my writing was at that point!

My goal for writing a daily blog was to improve my writing skills.

Based upon what I looked at today, I think I’ve succeeded.

Have you ever gone back and looked at earlier posts to critique yourself?

Follow-Up Friday

For those new to the blog, my follow-up Friday provides me with an opportunity to update or revise a post from the previous week.

You know sometimes you post about something and you need an update but it doesn’t warrant a whole blog.  Or sometimes someone made a comment that really resonated with you.  Yup, Follow-Up Friday baby!

Be The Dog – Author’s Note

I think this started with Lena West’s “You can do it now or NOW.”  I sat down to write a witty blog post about how Lena had motivated me and boom!  There it was, “Be The Dog.”

I love it.  Be The Dog.

I could see the tee-shirts, bumper stickers, speaking engagements (why not, it’s my fantasy.) 🙂

Then I checked the trademark office and the saying is trademarked.

Boo.  Hiss.

I’m still working out the kinks on this one, so hold tight.

No-One Calls My Dog A Behemoth! – Author’s Note

I should have been clear in the post.  Delilah came to us from a rescue.   The vet who originally examined her said she was spayed.  The rescue took the vet’s word because….well you should trust your vet.

As soon as I realized she was in heat, I contacted the rescue.  Originally they agreed to pay $125.00 which is the normal fee they paid their vets for spaying.

Delilah’s spaying was $325.00.  They told me it was so high because she was a big dog, had already had a litter of puppies and she still had a lot of the pregnancy fat that they had to go through to spay her.

Delilah’s adoption fee was $375.00 and here we were three months later shelling out another $325.00 making her a $700.00 dog.  So much for rescuing I thought.

But the rescue ponied up the entire $325.00.  The vet’s office faxed over the bill and we had a check in hand within a matter of days.

I was not upset with the rescue, they received the wrong information and they made it right.  You can’t ask for much more than that.

As for that vet from hell, well a short time later I received a notice that the owner had sold the practice and it was under new ownership.  By this time I already had my new vet who I love.

Just like the previous owner, I left that practice and never looked back.

My blog was pretty focused on  “Just Be The Dog”  this past week, so that’s it for my Follow-Up Friday. 🙂

Have an awesome weekend.


No-One Calls My Dog A Behemoth!

Kari from Hound Girl had a post this morning entitled, “Breaking up with your vet.”  I started writing my comment and realized I had an entire post.

Once upon a time, I broke up with my vet.  Here’s how it happened.

We used the same vet for Sampson that we had used with our previous dog, Roxanne.

After Delilah joined our pack I had a bad experience with our vet.  Delilah went into heat three months after joining us.  I was stunned as the rescue group had presented her as having been spayed.

We discussed with the vet when is the best time to spay Delilah and decided to wait a couple of months after she had finished her cycle.

We were in the process of buying our current house and scheduled it so Delilah would be fixed and come home to the new house.

The day of the closing dawned and as much as it pained me, I couldn’t give Delilah any breakfast.  I was very worried about how this would affect her, since she is such a food hound, but she survived it.  I dropped her off at the vet and then Sampson off at daycare and headed back to the house to pack up our bedroom.

In short fashion the vet’s office called saying Delilah’s urine test came back indicating a urinary tract infection and they couldn’t do the surgery.

Could I come and get her.

I couldn’t.  I literally was in the middle of moving.  In retrospect there was probably something I could have done, but in that moment I couldn’t think.

After lots of yelling on my part, I finally convinced them to give her some food and water, Hubby picked her up on his way to the new house after the closing and we rescheduled the surgery for after she’d completed her round of antibiotics.

We scheduled the surgery for the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  We knew the vet’s office would keep her overnight and we would be home with her for the next four days.

I remember being upset with the vet for not letting her come home the day of the surgery, the vet said she had to stay quiet so as not to tear her stitches.  I asked if someone was staying with her and they said no.   At this point I felt she would be better off with me, who would stay with her throughout the night and even share a bed with her.  But they said no.

I swear upon all that is holy that what I’m about to write is the God’s Honest Truth.  When the vet called me after the surgery she said she had to cut Delilah “from stem to stern” that there was a lot of fat in there because she’d apparently had a litter of puppies and she called her a “behemoth.”

Her poor belly. She ended up with the stitches irritating her and slightly infected.

I don’t know how you feel about this, personally I can call my dog anything I want, but NO-ONE, especially a vet calls my dog a behemoth.  I don’t care if my dog is 50 pounds overweight, YOU don’t get to call her names.

When we went for the follow-up visit the vet said to her vet tech, “This was my spay from hell.”

OMFG are you kidding me?

I didn’t say anything, I was too stunned.  But I did make sure to have the vet squeeze Delilah’s glands and Delilah let her know emphatically that she was out of line in doing so.  The vet commented on how hard Delilah was squeezing her back-end around the vet’s finger.  I can almost guarantee she was channeling my anger.

A short time later, Sampson had an appointment with the owner of the practice and I brought my concern of the unprofessional vet to his attention.

It was a while ago and I can’t remember what he said, but it didn’t appease me.  So I switched vets.

I love my current vet.  She is holistic, she answers any questions I have and is very honest with me about what vaccines she feels the dogs should have.  I have recommended her to anyone who has asked and will continue to do so.

When Delilah was having her episodes, they were very open to anything and everything and had no problem consulting with outside vets at my request.

If they hadn’t been open to alternative treatments Delilah would more than likely be on medication for epilepsy right now.

You’d change Dr.’s if you weren’t satisfied with yours, right?  Don’t be afraid to change vets if you aren’t happy with the care you are getting for your pet.

Just Be The Dog.

It Won’t Kill Them To Miss A Day

But it might kill them if you walk them.

That’s the conversation I had with Hubby last night about walking the dogs today.  Let me just say that Hubby’s not that big on walking the dogs.  Most days I walk them myself, in the park/woods at the top of our street.  Some days he will join us, but most times when I ask (even on the weekends) he prefers not to do it.  If I have a day where I can’t walk them at lunch or after work, I will ask him to walk around the block with me after dinner.   Most times he does this reluctantly.  It is only about an 18 minute walk, but it’s better than nothing.

Yesterday was the first day of summer and the eastern half of the country kicked it off in a big, hot, way.   Here in New England it reached into the upper 90’s and it was extremely humid.  Too hot even for my little grandson to start his first day of baseball. 😦

There was no way I was going to walk the dogs at lunch.  I debated going to work late and walking them early but in the end decided to shoot for an around the block walk, after dinner.

We ventured out about 8:40 pm and it was still hot, so hot that both dogs were panting half-way thru the walk.  Back into the air conditioning we headed.  Delilah was still panting an hour later.

About 10 PM the dogs headed out for a last potty break before bed.  When I opened the door, it was still like opening an oven door.  I have no idea what the temperature was but it was ugly.

Once everyone was settled in bed, I debated our exercise for today.  Temperatures are expected to reach the high 90’s if not into the 100’s.  Since my niece is graduating from High School at 6:00 pm my choices for walking the dogs are very limited.  There is NO WAY I would walk them in the heat of the day, which leaves later in the evening with Mr. Reluctant or first thing this morning.

As the opening lines read, Mr. Reluctant feels it won’t hurt them to miss a day of exercise.

I disagree.

I opted for a quick 20 minute walk first thing this morning.  We were at the park at 6:40 am, and it was already 73 degrees outside.  Both dogs were panting by the end of the 20 minute walk, so we went home and I had them lie in the bedroom with the air conditioning on to help cool them off, and wait for their tummies to settle before getting their breakfast.

I’m not sure what time we’ll be back from graduation tonight so eating their breakfast a little late will work to my/their benefit, and I figure when I get home I can work a little with them on training.  Specifically Delilah on her drop it command.

I’m pretty sure she ate part of a potato in the field this morning.

How do you make adjustments to your exercise schedule when the weather just isn’t cooperating?

Hot Car = Dead Dog

With the onset of summer comes the stupid people who leave their dogs in cars.

You know it’s true.

A number of my fellow bloggers have been posting about this topic in the past couple of weeks.

Have you seen, Once Again: Dog + Hot Car = Dead…Get It? by Mel at No Dog About It Blog or Dogs And Hot Cars : The Real Tragedy by Kristine at Rescued Insanity?

I’ve been known to hear a dog bark in a parking lot and troll the area looking for the dog, and then I will call the cops.

I work for an engineering firm.  Last week my boss sent me to a local town hall to drop something off.  I pulled into a parking spot and a pick up truck pulled in next to me.  Seeing as 1) I’m a woman and have had it drilled into my head to be aware of my surroundings and 2) I’m a writer with a very active imagination I looked over.  I saw the tell-tale ears indicating there was a dog in the truck. 😦

As I approached the door to the building the man (probably in his late 50’s/early 60’s) was right behind me.  I paused and asked him if he intended on being in the building long.  He said no.  Then almost as an afterthought asked, “Why?”

I explained that I worried about the dog being left in the vehicle as most people aren’t aware how quickly the vehicle heats up.  He responded that he was aware of vehicles heating up, which was why he needed someone to help him.  (I took that to mean, he was going to use that to get a quick response.)

My business took 5 minutes or less.  When I came back out to my car I noted that his truck was still parked there and the windows weren’t cracked very much at all.  It was a nice day, probably in the 70’s and not humid, but still my car was warm after me being only gone 5 minutes!  I debated on what to do.

I had to go to the post office which was about 30 seconds down the street, so I made an agreement with myself that I would do my business and then check back on the truck.  If it was still there I would go inside and raise the roof or at the very least call the police.

When I came back from the post office (possibly 10 minutes later) I breathed a great sigh of relief to see the truck gone.  I can tell you my heart was pounding in my chest as I approached the town hall.

This morning I saw another post Is That Outfit Really Worth Your Dog Dying? by Jen from My Brown Newfies.  Jen works for a vet’s office and her post explained a lot about the physical reaction a dog has when it’s in a hot car.

In the comments Jodi Chick mentioned how she carries thermometers from the Dollar Store and bumper stickers and slips them inside the windows.  (She’s brilliant if you ask me, besides with a name like Jodi…)

Ever since I’ve read that I’ve been on the internet hunt for bumper stickers but I keep coming up busted.  I did however use the website that was posted on Jen’s blog picture and found where you can download and order fliers.

I still would like a bumper sticker though, preferably a magnet so if anyone knows where I might find one……I’d be really grateful. 🙂

Another Year Gone By – Part 2

What I should have tried to incorporate in the original post was how I went into my vet’s office.

I’m a worry wart, I worry about everything.  If I hear/see/read about it, I’m worried about it.  I went in armed with a list of questions for my vet.

You know all of the scary things I’ve heard about on other blogs, the news or from different people.

Vaccine Induced Meningoencephalomyelitis/meningoencephalitis 

In the State of Connecticut, Rabies is a three-year vaccine.  Once the puppy has completed the initial series, the vaccine is given at three-year intervals.  Both Sampson and Delilah had their rabies booster last year, so neither one is due until 2014.

If you are a dog lover, you probably follow Roxanne Hawn and her dog Lilly over at Champion of my Heart, if you do, you know they have been going through hell in the last six months due to Vaccine Induced Meningoencephalomyelitis/meningoencephalitis.  I cry every time I read this blog and what they are going through.

I had to ask my vet about it. She told me, it’s rare, extremely rare.  Which makes me feel slightly better. But not much.

I said, “I just worry.”

She said, “I know.”

Laryngeal Paralysis in Dogs

My friend Ann lost her lab to this not very long ago.  I had never heard of it.  (Honestly, why didn’t I find all this out BEFORE I got dogs.  Jiminy Cricket, it’s as bad as having kids!)  The first sign of this disease is a change in bark.  Since I once rushed Sampson to the emergency clinic on Sunday for what turned out to be a scab, I’m pretty sure this would be diagnosed fairly quickly.

Siriusly, I will notice a change in bark.

My vet assured me the condition is manageable, it is not necessarily a death sentence for the dog.

I said, “I just worry.”

She said, “I know.”


This is a scary disease, in most cases if it is caught early the dog can be saved.   Sadly, a lot of people are not aware there is something wrong until it’s too late.  I know of three people who have lost dogs to bloat.

The only dog I know of that has survived bloat is Thunder from the 2BrownDawgs blog, his owners weren’t entirely sure that Thunder was bloating but they erred on the side of caution, and he got the help he needed.

I am so freaked out about bloat that I printed off the symptoms and keep them in the notebook with Sampson’s medical records.

I asked the vet, does having them on raw food make a difference?  She said, not necessarily.  It can happen with any food and generally happens because the dog has gotten a lot of air in its stomach.

I said, “I just worry.”

She said, “I know.”


Certain areas of the country have had bad outbreaks of Parvo.  I asked if she thought the dogs should be boostered for Parvo and she said,  as long as the puppy completes the initial series, and the dog is not being boarded she feels they do not need the additional booster.  The same goes for Distemper.

I said, “I just worry.”

She said, “I know.

Water Gulping

Delilah has a tendency right before and right after she eats dinner, of hogging the water bowl.  I asked my vet about it and she suggested removing the bowl or keeping smaller amounts of water in it.

To my way of thinking if she is gulping water, she is also gulping air.  I have been keeping smaller amounts of water in her bowl and picking it up if she’s a little too interested.

I said, “I just worry.”

She said, “I know.”

I told you I went armed with a list of questions.

Are you a worrier like me?  Do you go to your vet armed with a list of questions? Or do you just roll with the flow?

Post script, we use Interceptor for our heartworm prevention.  Unfortunately Interceptor is on back order indefinitely, so we had to go with the traditional Heart Guard.   If you follow me on facebook, you will know I put a link to a blogpost up there about Proheart 6, which is a new shot that is given instead of the monthly tablet.   Please take 5 minutes to read this post, if you are even considering using this protocol.  It could be the difference between life and death.

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