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Day Eighty One – When helping’s a hinderance.

The phone rang at 5:30 this morning; which is never a good thing but since today is Saturday…well you know it’s bad!  It was my daughter asking if I could come over and watch my grandson because the baby was coughing and having trouble breathing and they wanted to take her to the hospital.  As any mother/grandmother would I threw some clothes and a toothbrush in a bag,  shot off some instructions to Chet about the dogs and feeding, and was out the door (in my pajamas) in less than 5 minutes. 

Liam was up by the time I got there, so I decided to pack him up and bring him home since I have my normal Saturday chores that need to be attended to.  As we are driving home, I called Chet just to let him know I was on my way and he said he had let the dogs out and fed them breakfast and was on his way to work.  (Gotta love that overtime!)

My first sign

My first sign that something was amiss should have been when Delilah greeted me at the door with the packaging material from their raw food, which I know I placed in the trash last night, but did I catch that?  No.  Instead I came through the door, dropped my stuff off and went to tend the fire, that’s when Liam spoke up and said, “Mimi, it’s dirty.”  Then I looked.  There were coffee grounds all over the living room rug, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you but coffee is one of the items that humans can ingest; that dogs shouldn’t.  Coffee in large quantities can be deadly for your dog and I can’t imagine the grounds would be good either!

The delinquent with her prize.

and over here….is the top to the ice cream package torn apart.

The top of the ice cream box.


I got it cleaned up and oh look….over there it’s the bottom portion of the ice cream package.

Apparently Delilah likes the same ice cream I do!

A shredded dryer sheet over here, shredded plastic in the bedroom.  God only knows what else and where else. 

Thankfully the snow is melting so I only have to worry about her inside now.

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