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Day Seventy Nine – What to write about

We took the dogs to obedience class tonight just to get them out of the house.  It seems like everyone had the same idea because there were at least 20 dogs there.  Besides the basic obedience, we had the “balance beam” and a couple of jumps.

I call it the balance beam, but I think Sampson calls it “walking the plank!”

Sampson does not like the balance beam; there are other dogs that don’t care for it either.  We usually try to get the dogs to try things, but we don’t like to force them.  Tonight Sampson did well, he got up on the balance beam.


"Walking the Plank"

Delilah however, walks the plank like a model on the catwalk, almost as if she can’t stay off it, so while I tried to get a picture of Sampson laying on the plank, up came Delilah.
Sampson and Delilah
Sampson and the ‘Model’.

Sorry about the eyes!

It is a fun time and good to help reinforce your basic commands with your pups!

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