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Dog Crazy…(Day One Hundred and Eleven)

So by now, you all know that I’m just crazy about my dogs.  There are a variety of reasons, besides the unconditional love they bestow upon me, they are a constant source of joy and amusement.  As I’ve mentioned before, they are about as opposite as any two dogs could possibly be.

Sampson likes to stay in bed in the morning, while Delilah is a “Oh she moved, it must be time to get up” kind of dog.   I will get up and go in the bathroom, 9 out of 10 times Delilah will join me in there if she thinks I am taking too long.  (They eat breakfast as soon as we leave the bedroom. ) If I have made the mistake of closing the bathroom door tightly, you can hear the thump of her heading trying to open the door. 🙂

Because of Sampson’s love of staying in bed, a long time ago I invented his morning “Wake-up” song.  Traditionally he lies in bed until I sing the song (twice) and have rubbed his ears and tummy.  Then and only then will he get up.  Lately though, he has taken to going out into the living room with Chet; sometimes he comes back in the bedroom while I am in the bathroom and sometimes he doesn’t.  This doesn’t excuse me from singing the morning song though, I must sing it to him wherever he is.  (Don’t worry, I created a song for Delilah too.)

This morning he was in the living room when I came out of the bathroom, so Delilah and I went out and I said, “Where’s my punkin?”  There he was on the living room floor, a huge grin on his face; just waiting.

Just like this.

So tell me, how can this not make you smile?

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