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Bloggers Unite For Dog Rescue

Today is Blog the Change, an event that takes place on the 15th of January, April, July and October.

One day per quarter participating bloggers dedicate their blogs to an animal related cause near and dear to our hearts.  For today’s blog the change, participating bloggers are trying to bring awareness to a special event taking place this month.

On July 23rd, bloggers from all over the world will unite for one day, to shine the focus on dog rescue.

Since rescuing Delilah in 2007, the plight of dogs in shelters has weighed heavily on my mind.

We know little to nothing about Delilah’s past.  What I do know is she came to us via American Lab Rescue on a transport from Tennessee.  Her vet papers indicate she came from Lake Charles, Louisiana.

We do know she was vaccinated by the vet for Rabies, Bordatella, Distemper and Parvo and she was also dewormed.  That’s the only information we received.

When she got off the transport, her teats were swollen.  Never having been around a mother dog before I had no idea she’d already had a litter of puppies.  I just assumed she was a bit chubby.

She also had some very bright reddish pink scars on her feet.

I have no idea what actually happened to her, whether she had been abused or had spent time on her own and gotten stuck.  I suspect she was either a breeding dog that someone threw away, or a breeding dog that escaped, which would explain the scars on her feet.

Delilah is a wonderful dog.

Granted she has not been without her challenges but I’m a person who typically rises to the challenge.

Her original name was supposed to be Delilah Arwen, but it just didn’t ring.  So I named her Delilah Rose.  I call her my second-hand rose and still can’t believe someone actually tossed her away without realizing her full potential.

Having experienced the love and laughter she has brought into my life, I know with certainty that any dogs I have in future will be rescued dogs.

I know rescuing is not for everyone, but there are other ways you can help.  By donating time or money to a shelter or rescue, fostering when you can. One dog pulled from a shelter and placed into foster care means there is space for one more dog in the shelter.

I know not everyone blogs, but I know you are all on either facebook, twitter or pinterest.  Would you please help us spread the word about July 23rd?

SPREAD THE WORD – BLOGGERS UNITE FOR DOG RESCUE – Promote dog adoption on July 23rd! #BtC4A

And on July 23rd, please share our blog posts on your social media networks and to help raise awareness.

This is a blog hop, if you are interested in linking up you can get your code here.

Blog The Change, BE The Change

I almost forgot about Blog The Change.

At least three times this past week I’ve gasped in horror and said, “Oh My God, I forgot Blog The Change!  Wait a minute, what’s the date?  Oh, ok I have time.”

Then I thought, what the hell am I going to write about?  After mulling it over in my mind and reading one too many facebook/internet articles about animal cruelty, I decided I would write about harsher penalties for animal neglecters and abusers.

One of my friends lives in TN, you may remember her.  She wrote to me asking about helping with her new dog, Ginger and the issues they were having with their current dog, Candy. (If you missed it, you can find it here.)  Well guess what?  A puppy showed up on her deck on Friday.

But that isn’t what this post is about.  Once her comment was up a number of other comments followed.  Apparently she thinks this may be one of her neighbor’s dogs, because he has a slew of them and keeps them all outside, all of the time.  Even in horrible weather, his attitude is ‘they have a dog house, they can use it.’

That statement alone could send me off on a long tangent, but there’s more.  What I said was, “I hate people like your neighbor.”

Then someone else commented with, “Me too, Jodi.  Cruel and Inhumane.”

To which I responded, “Sometimes I think people should have to pass tests to have pets, and children too.”

Well here’s the crux of it and what I was trying to get to.  While the whole idea of someone passing a test to have a pet or a child is ludicrous, and would really give entirely too much power to a government with too much power already, I really believe if we had stronger penalties for cruelty and neglect, perhaps and it is a BIG PERHAPS.  Perhaps, people would think twice before committing crimes of this nature.

IMO, criminals have too many ‘rights.’ Listen, if you committed a crime, you lose your rights.  I’m sorry.  Yes you have a right to an attorney, and a fair trial, but just how do you figure you’re entitled to have a gym in prison and cable tv?

What has happened to society?  Each generation seems to become more and more perverse.  Where is the shame and embarrassment of doing something you know is wrong?  Once upon a time I was terrified of my father.  All he had to say was, “I have a bone to pick with you” and I would just about wet my pants.  Did he ever hit me?  No.  He didn’t have to.

Once upon a time people were embarrassed to have spent time in jail, now they wear it like a badge of honor.  WTF?  Really, what have we come to?

Personally I would love to see us go back to the stockades in the center of town.  Yes, even for the horrible crimes.  Before you go to prison, spend a day and night in the stockade in the center of town.  Make sure to leave boxes and boxes of rotten tomatoes nearby, so people can walk by and pitch one at em.  Of course you would need to make sure to have a guard posted because there would certainly be at least one that would pitch a rock.  (Then they would have to go in the stockade alongside the criminal.)

Stop.  Give me a minute to climb down off this soap box, I feel like this post has gotten off track.

I think there should be stronger penalties for people who abuse children, animals and the elderly.  I also think our prisons and jails should concentrate less on the creature comforts of prisoners and more on the idea that these people are being punished.

I would like to see this issue become a federal matter and not one based on a state’s opinion.  There are too many states where animals are abused and neglected with little to no punishment.

Let’s take a stand!  I am starting with my State Representatives, and asking where and how to start.

Whose with me? Will you Be The Change?

My book (which I haven’t worked on yet today) has 1001 words.

This is the Blog The Change For Animals Blog hop.  You can get your code here.

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