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Pitty Post Day

When I first read about the Pitty Post Day on I Still Want More Puppies blog, I thought that’s a really great idea and I’d love to participate, but…..

My dogs aren’t Pit Bulls and I’m not sure what I would write about.

Truthfully, I don’t have a lot of experience with Pit Bulls except for the two next door to my tenant house, and they are both really sweet dogs.  I asked myself, what in the world do you think you could contribute that a number of fabulous bloggers haven’t already said?

And I got nothing.

At least nothing that others haven’t already said far better than I and nothing I haven’t already said before on this blog.

Pit Bulls get a bad rap.

Let’s face it, any dog can bite, and you probably never hear about it.  But if a Pit Bull bites, it makes national news and all of a sudden people are calling for a ban of the breed.

We need to punish the deed, not the breed.

I googled “which breed of dog bites the most?”  Not surprising the two websites I would have trusted with statistics, American Humane Association and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were website where I couldn’t find information regarding breed specific bites.

There was however a lot of information about preventing dog bites, which is something I believe everyone should read before they bring a dog into their home.

So which breed of dog DOES bite the most?

Well back in July of 2008, the Poodle and the Dog Blog  reported that according to a study published by Applied Animal Behavior Science, Dachshunds were the breed of dog most likely to bite.

How can you help?

Education is of course key and the more people we can educate about the proper ways to raise and train dogs, the safer our world and our dogs will be.

Breed specific legislation is no different than racial profiling, and racial profiling is unacceptable in our society, so why isn’t BSL unacceptable as well?

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