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Day Seventy Five – I am Re-purposed!

I got this beautiful scarf for a gift this past Christmas.

Re-purposed cashmere scarf

There was a note attached that said, this scarf is made from re-purposed cashmere, and I thought what the hell is re-purposed cashmere?  Turns out it is a fancy word for recycled.  The scarf was made from a sweater that was cut down and then decorated.  It is a beautiful scarf and I absolutely love it and I wear it all the time. 

I have a re-purposed dog (Delilah)

Who's a pretty girl?

Whoever had her before us, bred her and then cast her away. We were lucky enough to get her, I call her my second-hand rose.  She brings so much joy and laughter to our life that I could never put a price on it.

After yesterday’s Pet Writing Conference, I am repurposed!  I feel refreshed and ready to tackle this writing career again!  I may not be tackling it (right now) by trying to publish my book, but I am ready to tackle this blogging thing.  I am re-purposed!   Re-purposed, recycled, refreshed, no matter what word you put to it, it means the same thing.  We;  the scarf, Delilah and myself all have a new purpose in life and I for one am happy for all three of us.


Remember my post on tags?  Well today Delilah went over the fence.  I let them out and they were outside for a while which is unusual with all the snow we have.  So I went out and I called them, here comes Sampson but no Delilah.  So I start looking around and calling, and I look over at that spot on the fence and sure enough…there were paw prints!  Luckily for us she only wandered next door, and Chet saw her from the front porch and called her and she came right home!  Guess what Chet did this afternoon?  Yup, he cleared that snow away from the fence.

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