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Of Baths and Backs… (Day Ninety One)

Getting ready for our bath.

Do you give your dog(s) baths at home; take them to a groomers or use a self-wash? 

If you are bathing your dog at home it is important to have all the items you will need BEFORE you put the dog in the tub.  Items you probably need include towels, wash clothes, shampoo, and a plastic container for rinsing.  Once the dog is in the bathroom you will want to shut the bathroom door and also doors to any other rooms you may not want them in once they are out of the tub.

Usually I bath the dogs at home, Sampson is very good and loves the tub and his bath; Delilah not so much.  We had a real dilemma three years ago when Chet tried to bathe Delilah while I was gone, the bathroom is quite small and Delilah fights the bath.  Chet threw his back out so bad that he was incapacitated for an entire week!  I came home and with a little Yankee ingenuity coaxed Delilah into the tub.

Delilah climbing into the tub.

I started by placing a few treats in the dry tub and I walked away.  She climbed in the tub and back out, I repeated the process until she was comfortable with the tub.  Then I put the stopper in and began filling it; I washed her as the tub was filling. Once she was cleaned and rinsed, I pulled the plug and toweled her off as best I could.  I make her wait in the tub and then I put the towel down on the floor and let her out, trying to dry off her feet, legs and underside.  Usually the dogs shake and that makes a huge water mess on all over the bathroom, but that is why you bring more than one towel.  I usually close off any rooms that I don’t want them going into while they are wet (Sampson loves to jump on the bed while he is all wet and rub himself all over it!)  Be extra careful because it is easy to slip on the wet floor.

We have also tried the self-wash, lots of daycares and training centers are offering the self-wash.  Julie use to take care of Sampson and Delilah at daycare until she left to open her own shop, luckily for us she let us use her facility  Julie’s Barks and Bubbles and was kind enough to allow me to take pictures.

The Professional Tub

There are steps leading up to the tub so you do not have to lift your dog.

Delilah in the tub

Sorry about her eyes, but as you can see in the picture, there is a place to tie the dog off, so she cannot escape and hurt herself.  A good self-wash should have everything you need to wash your dog, including the shampoo and towels; they will even have drying systems.

Sampson didn't mind the dryer at all!

I think he is even smiling in this shot.

 I think the self-washes run about $15 per dog and if you have the extra cash, it saves a lot of wear and tear on yourself, the dog and your home.

Whichever way you choose to bathe your dog, be safe and happy washing.

Day Seventy Six – New Toys

When I went to the Pet Writing Conference I took a seminar on blogging from a really awesome group of people from blogpaws and I learned a few things.

Headers and bullet points:

Use headers and bullet points to help different topics or paragraphs in your blog standout.  You do this in order for people to skim quickly through your blog and find the items or topics that are of importance to them.

Speaking of the conference:

We got some goodie bags at the conference and since Hartz was one of the sponsors my bag had two items from Hartz in it; a ball and a chew toy that helps keep the dog’s teeth clean.

Chew Toy,  Football

The chew toy and the football

I gave the ball to Delilah, 

Delilah Loves the Ball

Delilah and her squeaky ball

 Lesson one; always give the first toy to Delilah, at least then Sampson has a chance! 🙂

The ball was a big hit; both dogs love the squeaky toys.  They take the ball and run through the house….squeak, squeak, squeak.

Then I gave the bone to Sampson…

Sampson and the chew bone

Sampson loved the chew bone…until Delilah took it away, now they are sharing it but I will go to the store tomorrow to see if I can find another one.

Both of the toys are very sturdy and durable, and I do recommend them if you are looking for some toys or chewing items for your dog.

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