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My Dilemma…(Day One Hundred and Thirteen)

There’s a blogging conference being held outside of Washington, DC in August; and I really want to attend.  The hotel it is being hosted at has agreed to waive their “No Pets” policy and I really want to bring Sampson.  I know if I could get him in front of the right person, I can get some exposure and here’s why.

Today when I picked the dogs up from daycare I was greeted by a very sweet woman who came out and said, “I just love your dogs; especially Sampson. ”  She offered her hand and said, “My name’s Robin, and your dogs are just so sweet!”    This is not the first time this has happened, this happens to me with almost everyone that meets him; he is really quite the charmer.  I know if I could bring him to the conference, it might really be an opportunity to have some doors opened for us; but here is my dilemma; he’s a big boy and he loves to see other dogs and people and I’m just not sure how he would behave while I was sitting in a seminar.  I think he would be ok once he met all the other dogs, but until then he would see a dog or a new person, jump up and just about knock them down.  I would hate to bring him all that way and have to leave him in the room the entire time; so I thought I would throw it out to all of you and see if anyone has any thoughts?

What do you think?

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