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Spring is springing! (Day One hundred and four)

Spring is just around the corner; I know this because the chipmunks are at it again.  Yesterday sweet Delilah spent most of the day in front of the French doors; watching and waiting for the chipmunks, naturally they did not disappoint her.

If you look really closely, you can see the chipmunk she is staring at.

I observed her as unobtrusively as I could; which is difficult for me, because as soon as I make a move, she is usually right there with me, never mind trying to turn the camera on.  As soon as the shutter opens, no matter what she is doing or how engrossed she is, she usually turns to look at me and that breaks her concentration. 

Something was missing I thought yesterday, as I watched her tear out of the house and up the stairs; for the what seemed like the 10th time; while she still whines a little in the house, she is not barking when she “charges”.  This was something I tried to instill in her last year, but naturally I have no idea how to teach a dog to be “stealth.” Of course, an 80 pound dog running full-out across a wooden deck is not quiet, which alerts the chipmunk she is coming.

If I could just get in there....

Somehow, she knows exactly where the chipmunk will go, whether this is from observing the chipmunk, or the fact that she has a great nose.  She is not afraid either, she sticks her nose right in the hole that chipmunk has disappeared into!  I actually went outside yesterday and removed some of the snow off the stairs, so she would have better access.  Believe it or not, she patiently waited while I did this.

Oh good, mom is here to help.

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