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Pictures pictures everywhere and not a one to post! (Day Ninety Two)

Are you organized with your pictures?  If you are like me you have pictures everywhere!  Not only do I have three huge photo boxes full of pictures, I also have them saved on discs all over the place!  I have folders and folders on my computer with pictures, the problem is that some of this pictures are duplicates, triplicates and whatever comes next.  So here I sit still looking for the picture that I really wanted to post!

I just spent the last half hour looking through pictures, trying to think of what this blog should be about today and I haven’t come up with a topic.  So I fall back to posting a few of my favorite pictures.

Sampson drinking from a water bottle.

Chet was so mad that I taught Sampson to drink from my water bottle, because he thought for some reason that a dog shouldn’t do that.  I figured if he drinks from the bottle, I never have to worry about having a bowl with me.  And yes, that is Chet in the picture giving Sampson a drink, apparently he changed his mind. 🙂  Sampson likes drinking from the bottle so much, that most times when we are pouring his water he drinks from the bottle.

What's going to come out?

This picture was in North Carolina when we stayed at Steve’s parents house, Chet wanted to fish and since Sampson loves spending time with his Dad, he sat beside him and watched.  A man walked by while we were on the beach and that is the first and only time that Sampson ever growled at a person; he looked like a mean man too!

Now what did you go and do that for?

Sampson has never been one for fetching, he will chase and retrieve a ball a couple of times and then he lies on it as if to say, “try throwing it now.”  It’s just not his thing, but we decided we would try with the frisbee on the beach anyway.  Look at his expression…as if he’s saying, well you threw it now go get it.

Not the pictures I was looking for, but they still bring back good memories.

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