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Follow-Up Friday

For those new to the blog, my follow-up Friday provides me with an opportunity to update or revise a post from the previous week.

You know sometimes you post about something and you need an update but it doesn’t warrant a whole blog.  Or sometimes someone made a comment that really resonated with you.  Yup, Follow-Up Friday baby! 🙂

Heavens To Murphy – Update

Last I heard K was home from the hospital, when I checked with Sara she had heard NOTHING about them bringing Murphy to training classes.

I started thinking, I would love to take Murphy for a month or two (and charge them of course,) put her on a diet and bring her to some training classes.

It would be great if there was such a place where people COULD drop their dogs off for a couple of months and then maybe during the last week, the owners would join their dog.  They would then see their dog and the ways their dog had changed and be SHOWN how to manage their dogs.

Sort of like a Doggie Boot Camp. 😉

When You’re Down – Update

The stomach bug came and went in very quick fashion.  I was feeling much better the next morning and even managed to make it into work.

Thank you all for the good thoughts and well wishes.

One From The Bucket List – Author’s Note

I debated this post.  Not because I’m not proud of my nephew, but because I normally write about the dogs.  I originally started the post talking about the walk I took with the dogs in the morning, before my sister and I left.  But I couldn’t get the post to flow.

I thought about and decided the name of my blog is Jodi Stone, I’m selling myself and my ability to draw an audience and weave a tale.  The by-line is “Life With Sampson and Delilah” but the blog is mine.

Kristine from Rescued Insanity said it best in the comment she left on Pet Blogger Challenge, “What you said about your blog being all you, I really like that. Oddly, I never considered it that way before but I agree that it is such an awesome thing. It’s your space on the Internet. You own it and can do with it as you see fit. If the sky is purple in Jodi-land then no one has a right to question you. I like that thought.”

I like that thought too, Kristine.  So much in fact, you all might be hearing Jodi-land a LOT. 🙂

Yesterday my friends, the world was very sunny in Jodi-land.

How was your week?

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