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The Truth About Garlic…Day One Hundred and Thirty Nine

People are always a bit surprised when I tell them I do not use a topical flea and tick prevention medicine.   As I have stated before, I personally feel putting something on my beloved pet that is poisonous enough to kill a biting insect is detrimental to my pet.  Instead I use a natural insect spray and feed the dogsgarlic.

What’s that you say?  You heard that garlic is bad for dogs.

Yeah, I heard that too. 

I decided it was time to research the topic and find out once and for all.  Now when someone asks me about garlic and dogs, I can give them the proper answer.  So here it is.

Yes garlic is bad for your dog;  if he/she eats about 50 cloves of it.  According to sojos (natural food and treats for pets) garlic has many medicinal uses and has been used for thousands of years.  

Springtime Inc. has a wonderful webpage that references studies completed on the healthy benefits of garlic, studies such as:

Insecticidal and Repellent Effects

Low Cancer Rates Associated With Regular Garlic Consumption

Immune Stimulant Effects of Garlic

Antioxidant Effects

Antidote for Heavy Metal Poisoning and Other Toxins

I’m sure if we really looked; we could find many more studies and articles touting the healthy effects of garlic.  The key as with anything, is moderation my friend.  Everything in moderation.

I will tell you of the one serious side effect I found from using the garlic; the dogs get gas, and it really smells.

While garlic will help keep the fleas and ticks off your pets; it will NOT keep your dog from running like a lunatic into muddy water.

What? It's just a little mud!

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