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Day Seventy Seven – What’s a Kong?


In one of the comments, Kathy mentioned that she gives her ‘baby,’ Molly a Kong.  In case you don’t know what a Kong is, Kong is the name of the company that makes a very durable chew/play toy for dogs, it is also the name of one of the products.  The Kong comes in a number of different sizes and strengths so you have a variety to choose from.  When Sampson was small he had a puppy Kong, as he got older he graduated to an adult Kong.


Here is an adult size Kong.

The bottom of the Kong has a hole in it.


This is what the bottom of the Kong looks like

This is what the bottom of the Kong looks like

Filling the Kong

You fill the bottom of the Kong with any number of treats, or you can simply fill it with peanut butter or cream cheese.  I like to put a few little dog treats in it and then smear it all over with cream cheese.  You can also put the Kong in the freezer if you have a little puppy who is teething.

This is a Kong that has the cream cheese filling the bottom.


I gave the Kong to Sampson when I left the house, the reason I did this was to try to make sure he didn’t have separation anxiety.  When we got Delilah, I got another Kong.  I used this in the beginning with them, but now I just hand them a treat and they are fine.  The great part about the Kong, is that it is made of rubber, so it bounces.   The dogs can really have a fun time just playing with the Kong.

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