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Life’s a Beach…(Day Eighty Six)

My son-in-law”s parents have a beautiful home on the outer banks of North Carolina, until they retired there a few years ago they rented it out.  Each of their kids got one week free of charge at the house, once the kids were married we became part of the family and we got a week too.  We took advantage of that one year, and then they retired. 😦

That vacation was really nice, we took Sampson with us (this was pre-Delilah) and he had such a grand time, I thought I would share some pictures of that time.

There is a beautiful porch along the front of the house and I would sit out there in the morning drinking my coffee and reading a book, or just enjoying the day.  Sampson would stay out there with me, and he was so good he would never leave the porch, even when people walked by.

Halt.....who goes there?


Each of the homes in the development comes with its own golf cart.  You use the cart to tool about the neighborhood or to drive down to the beach.  The first ride we took Sampson on, I sat in the back seat with him.  Then we thought let’s see if he will hang out on the back.  (I hope Steve‘s parents don’t see this!)

Driver, where's my driver?

Chet is not a big beach person, but we did get him to go a couple of times, sometimes he went fishing, sometimes we just walked on the beach and sometimes Sampson and I went in the water.  In this picture I turned around and a huge wave was coming in, I pushed him off and said, “Swim Sampson, Swim!”

Swim Sampson, Swim!!

Sampson likes the beach almost as much as he likes hiking.  I hope we can get him back there!

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