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Who’s in the driver seat?…. (Day One Hundred and Twelve)

I’ve thought and thought about what I would blog about tonight and couldn’t come up with anything, so I went to my picture file and found a couple of pictures I thought I would share.

When we go to agility class on Saturdays, if I am handling the dogs by myself, I will go inside first to see if the coast is clear so to speak, the last thing I want to do is walk in and find a bunch of dogs, and then try to control mine.  So I left the dogs in the car and ran in real quick.  This is what I came back to.

Seriously, I need a permit for this?

Coincidently, he beeped the horn shortly after I snapped the picture!

The next couple of pictures were taken the summer we went to my sister’s place in New Hampshire.  These pictures were taken in the afternoon, later that night we were at the emergency vet with Delilah.  It took us a while to figure out what exactly was going on with her.  To the best we can figure she had a nerve or disc that gave her pain.  She is now on the raw diet which has helped her slim down tremendously and she takes antioxidants every day.  We have hope that she is well on the mend!  If you want to read about her last “episode” you can read about it here, as well as the update to that post here.

Delilah and Bandit in the top of the picture and Gordon and Sampson in front.

Delilah jumping for the decoy.

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