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Drew Barrymore’s Bump

I love Drew Barrymore.  So when I saw the link “Barrymore’s Bump” I couldn’t help myself, I had to click.

As I read the article I found out that Drew’s bump wasn’t a baby, it was a puppy.  She had the puppy tucked up under her shirt (I assume) to keep the puppy from being frightened by all the people.  Once I realized it was a puppy, I cringed.

You know when a movie comes out that has a dog in it, how sales of those dogs go sky rocketing?  Yeah, and then a bunch of those same dogs wind up in shelters because people really just have no clue what kind of work goes into a dog?

Well I got a bit nervous thinking, what if Drew’s puppy garners that same reaction?  We already have so many dogs in shelters, we certainly don’t need hundreds (if not thousands) more.

The other reason I cringed was the L.A. Boutique mentioned in the article, “Bark n’ Bitches“.  Naturally me being me, I jumped to the conclusion this was a store that sold puppies and we all know how I feel about stores that sell puppies.   So I googled them and found their website.

The first thing I noticed on the website, was a video. The picture on the video showed a dog in a crate.  Aha!  My suspicions were confirmed.  And then I read a little further, all of the dogs offered for sale at the Boutique are rescued.

The Boutique sells dog beds, collars, and dog carriers, among other things.  Their food and treats are holistic and organic and the best part is the proceeds from the sales from the store, funds the rescue of dogs.

So then I had to click on the video, which actually follows the owner, (Shannon von Roemer) as she goes to a Los Angles shelter and rescues two dogs.  Of course there are many more there that she can’t rescue and you can hear the emotion in her voice as she talks about these sweet souls.

So Drew Barrymore’s new puppy is a shelter dog.

Hopefully this means that people who might be interested in getting a dog will follow Drew’s lead and adopt from a shelter or a rescue.

In my opinion, it’s better than a movie. 🙂

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