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Stuck On You…Day One Hundred and Thirty Five

I feel lately this blog has become all about ticks.  Ticks are disgusting and vile and I want to blog about them one more time and then put this subject to rest, permanently.

I found a tick on Delilah last night, we were on our way back from our hike and I looked at her face and sure enough, there was a tick on the side of her nose.  I tried to remove it in the car, but the tick had already embedded itself so we had to wait until we got home.

Once we were home we kept the dogs outside, and I went and got my Ticked Off.   The Ticked Off is much easier to use on a couch potato like Sampson, than a wiggle worm like Delilah.  Sampson’s was on his chest and very easy to get to.  Delilah’s was on her nose and not so easy.

Either I didn’t have the Ticked Off positioned correctly or I didn’t have the skin tight enough, but I think I left the head of the tick in the skin; because 1) the tick didn’t move when I removed it and 2) Delilah has a big bump on her nose where the tick was.

You cant see it in the picture, but there is a bump there!

I put some Neosporin on her nose, but as you can imagine this kept me up a good portion of last night, worrying about what might happen to Delilah with the head of a tick embedded in her nose.   I researched it this morning and that is what I want to share here with you today, and then let’s put this topic to bed.

Big Dog Boutique says, you can either take your dog to the vet (expensive) to have the tick removed, or you can clean the area with rubbing alcohol, the body will form a hard protective bump around the “foreign object”  and the natural growth and shedding of skin will remove the tick head after a period of time.  You can speed the process up by applying Vitamin E to the bump.  As of now this is our course of action, I will continue with the Neosporin until I get the Vitamin E.  I will keep a watch on her nose to make sure it doesn’t get infected. I am upping their garlic intake and purchasing some Earth Animal Bug Off spray because I know it works better than this Neem Oil stuff.

On another “stuck on you” theme, check out this picture I took of Sampson this afternoon after he went diving in the stream.

Yes, a leaf is stuck between his eyes!

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is…Day One Hundred and Thirty Four

First I want to thank you all for your comments and suggestions regarding yesterday’s blog.  I do think about what you say and they do help.

Second I want to caveat this blog with this thought…if you are squeamish, you may not want to look at the pictures.  No it’s not bloody, just (in my opinion) really gross.

Yesterday I got a message from my friend Laura who was recently rescued by a dog

 “HELP – it appears Candy has managed to get a tick or two – how do we take them out?????” 

So I calmly told her what she needed and how to remove the tick.  Candy update, they had to give her a Benadryl to calm her down but did manage to remove the ticks.

Flash forward to this morning as I’m singing Sampson his morning wake-up song and giving him his rubbies, I come across an engorged tick on his chest, and I panicked!  Eeeuuuh, this is gross.  I ran around trying to gather all of the items I needed to remove the tick.  As soon as I ran out of the bedroom they ran after me, thinking…yipee she’s going to feed us.  That didn’t happen, at least not right away.

I gathered the necessary items (my first thought was to put the tick into the alcohol, but then I thought it would be better to put the tick in a plastic baggie in case it required testing.)  In my blog about having a “tick kit” I mentioned the “Ticked Off” and I said, it works very well.  Truthfully, I’ve NEVER had to use it to remove a fully engorged tick; I’ve always caught the ticks early and removed them BEFORE they blew up.  I was a little nervous about taking the tick off and of course Chet had already left for work.  There was nothing else for it; I needed to take this sucker (literally) off.   Ok decision made, breathe.  I took my little Ticked Off tool and removed the tick!

Look at that fat, nasty S.O.B!

I am here to tell you “Ticked Off” is the best thing EVER invented!  That sucker came off with ease.  He/she (really do they have a defined sex?) was so fat and bloated from sucking on my dog that it could barely move.  It looks like a small jelly bean…with legs.  (Ok, so now I can’t finish the jelly belly beans that I got from Stephanie’s baby shower. )  I transferred the tick to the plastic bag and then I took one of the little ticks (unbloated) from our last tick episode and put them side by side for comparison.

Seriously, look at that fat, gluttonous bastard! It's at least 25 times its normal size!!

Didn’t the alcohol preserve the little one nicely? 🙂

In order to be proactive, I called the vet.  I was assured that while this tick may transmit some types of diseases, it is a common dog tick and does not transmit Lyme Disease.

It’s still gross though; and I don’t know that I can ever eat another jelly bean!

Wash, Wash, Wash The Dog…Day One Hundred and Thirty One

There’s a little brook that runs along the side of the field where we take the dogs to play; it’s a dirty little brook but the dogs love it.  They love to run through the brook and occasionally Sampson lays down in it.  I’ve been trying to catch it on video but have been having a hard time with it until today.  I uploaded it to youtube tonight, but let it buffer for a minute or so before watching it; because I’m pretty new to this youtube stuff. (I also got Delilah’s agility run up and the video of how excited Delilah gets when she gets her dinner.

The problem with the dogs running through the brook is they get absolutely filthy!  So every time they go in the brook, we have to wash them off when we get home.  What I started doing was washing them outside.  I take an empty dog shampoo bottle, fill it with warm water and put a squirt of shampoo in it.  We then use the soapy water to wash them quickly and rinse them off with the hose.  Then we dry them off and let them in the house. 

I’m happy that the warmer weather is coming so they aren’t outside freezing, but the water from the hose is still cold!  Although as Chet pointed out, the brook isn’t warm water and they willingly go in there. :-0  Still I am calling the plumber to see how hard it would be to get an outside shower.

Meet and Greet…(Day One Hundred and Twenty)

What do you want your pet to do when you are walking or hiking and meet another person that does not have a dog?

What I want is for my dog to ignore that person unless they express an interest in meeting my dog.  The last thing I want (which happened to Chet on Sunday) is for my dog to go charging happily towards someone and jump at them.  Good thing Chet is a big guy, cause that chocolate lab could have really knocked him down and hurt him.

That being said, I would like to share two experiences that recently happened when we encountered “dogless” people.  The area we walk our dogs is owned by the town and has a small town garage on premises; as we were leaving the park we noticed that a man was at the garage removing some stored items.  Since we saw him well in advance, we called the dogs to us and leashed them.  Then we started to walk past;  Delilah got a little bit antsy, so Chet said walk on the other side of me, which we did.  I am here to tell you that if I could have picked my dog up and danced with her that is exactly what I would have done.  She was spot on perfect!  She walked slightly ahead of me, tail and head held high and never looked once at that man!  I wanted to buy her a filet mignon!   Exactly what I expect from her.

The other experience happened today; we met an older man on the trail, I saw him first so I called the dogs to me and made them sit as he approached.  I put one finger through each of their collars and told them to stay.  After the man had passed us, he stopped to inquire about the dogs, after a minute or so I let the dogs free and they ran on ahead completely ignoring him.  Of course, Sampson had to run back to the man and get a pat, but he did it very cautiously and respectfully; I couldn’t have asked for more.

Then There Was Delilah (Day 100)

Well at long last I am pleased to say; Delilah’s story has been started.  In the top right of this page, should be a link that will take you to the beginning of Delilah’s story.

It was emotional for me to write it; and I still tear up reading it in certain places.  When I think back to the dog that came off the transport on May 26, 2007, to the dog that sleeps in front of me now, I cannot believe it is the same dog!  Realistically she is not the same dog as she has changed and grown so much.

I hope to add to her story, who knows maybe the books I publish will not be picture books at all…

My sweet girl.

Saving time and money (Day Ninety Four)

Last night at obedience class I watched as two dogs got their nails clipped; both dogs required two people to perform this task.  We are lucky that neither dog fights us during the nail clipping process.  When we first got Sampson we took him to puppy socialization class and one of the first things we learned was to touch his feet and get him use to us doing so, this would turn out to be a blessing in the long run.  With Delilah we just got lucky.

Sampson is a bit harder to clip; even those his nails are lighter colored and you should be able to see the quick (a little vein in their nail that is very sensitive and can bleed if clipped too closely.)  The sensitivity of the quick is probably the biggest reason some dogs don’t like their nails clipped.  Sampson’s quick is very close to the end of his nails especially in his back feet, so when I clip him I only do his front paws.  Delilah’s nails are black like a beetles but for some reason, she clips much easier than Sampson does.

When it is time to do nails, I gather my supplies; a nail clipper, a Q-tip, some Kwik stop styptic powder and a handful of treats!  These are the clippers I use (sort of small for my big dogs but they work)  notice how the clippers have a guard in the center of the scissors, it is important to use the guard because this will help insure you don’t clip too close.

Notice the blade guard in the center


I start with Delilah for two reasons 1) she knows I have treats and if I don’t start with her she will jump all over the place acting like a lunatic until she gets the treat and 2) Sampson hates it so bad that he likes to go and hide.   I start with one foot at a time and clip just the curve of the nail off.  Once the foot is finished, I reward the dog with a treat.  I repeat this with each foot.

Mama's princess on a "spa" day!

Once the princess is done, I move on to the big boy, I try to be especially gentle with him because he is very easily bled.  If the quick bleeds too much it can become a serious issue with the dog and both Chet and I have clipped Sampson good, so I always have the styptic powder (designed for dogs, cats and birds) and the Q-tip, if I clip him and he bleeds I pop the Q-tip in my mouth and dip it in the powder.  Then you push the powder into the dog’s nail and pack it; which helps stop the bleeding.  You do want to try to keep the dog off his feet at least for a little bit.

But Mama...they aren't long, I'm honest.

If you have successfully clipped the dog’s nails, you have just saved time (from taking him to the groomers or vets) and money; the bonus is you have also probably saved your dog an enormous amount of stress.

Stress, Stress and More Stress!! (Day Ninety)

What does your dog do to relieve stress?  Some people will say that dogs chew to relieve stress and they would be right.  But some dogs also like to tear things up.

It took me a while to figure it out with Sampson.  He was always such a good boy and very rarely chewed anything (well except for that footrest on the breakfast bar but we didn’t like it anyway.)  Chet and I have a fairly quiet life and Sampson was raised in that lifestyle and he is probably one of the most mellow dogs you will ever meet. 

But I noticed one time after we had a house full of people, that Sampson had taken one of his toys and ripped a hole in it and pulled all the “fluff” out.  I thought for a moment and realized he always did that after we had a larger than normal crowd (such as what gathers for the holidays.)  Then it dawned on me that because of our normally quiet lifestyle a crowd with the noise and commotion that goes along with it, could be somewhat stressful for him.  Rather than locking him away from the crowd, we make sure he has plenty of inexpensive toys that he can pull the stuffing out of.  Sometimes I even pick the stuffing up and shove it back inside so he can pull it out again!

Delilah loves to pull the stuffing out too, but not in the same way Sampson does.  You can tell when he wants your help too, because he brings the toy to you and he tugs on it, when he hears the first ripping sound he pulls all the harder.  They both love to find the little squeaker and “disable” it; then they play with the plastic bubble and will actually toss it up in the air.

I don't know what happened; it came like that. Honest.

 I love the way he is looking at this out of the corner of his eye, as if to say, “I didn’t do it.”

Whoo, that relieved some stress and now I can sleep.

It never fails, as soon as I put the vacuum away they tear up a toy!

Mmmm that was one tasty toy!

As I said, Delilah even likes to get in on it; although I think she might be prone to eat the fluff!

So don’t get angry when your little bundle of fur if he/she tears something up, there may be something that is stressing them out or maybe they are bored; try to encourage them to chew their own toys and provide them with lots of inexpensive toys that they can tear up.

Day Seventy Six – New Toys

When I went to the Pet Writing Conference I took a seminar on blogging from a really awesome group of people from blogpaws and I learned a few things.

Headers and bullet points:

Use headers and bullet points to help different topics or paragraphs in your blog standout.  You do this in order for people to skim quickly through your blog and find the items or topics that are of importance to them.

Speaking of the conference:

We got some goodie bags at the conference and since Hartz was one of the sponsors my bag had two items from Hartz in it; a ball and a chew toy that helps keep the dog’s teeth clean.

Chew Toy,  Football

The chew toy and the football

I gave the ball to Delilah, 

Delilah Loves the Ball

Delilah and her squeaky ball

 Lesson one; always give the first toy to Delilah, at least then Sampson has a chance! 🙂

The ball was a big hit; both dogs love the squeaky toys.  They take the ball and run through the house….squeak, squeak, squeak.

Then I gave the bone to Sampson…

Sampson and the chew bone

Sampson loved the chew bone…until Delilah took it away, now they are sharing it but I will go to the store tomorrow to see if I can find another one.

Both of the toys are very sturdy and durable, and I do recommend them if you are looking for some toys or chewing items for your dog.

Day Seventy Five – I am Re-purposed!

I got this beautiful scarf for a gift this past Christmas.

Re-purposed cashmere scarf

There was a note attached that said, this scarf is made from re-purposed cashmere, and I thought what the hell is re-purposed cashmere?  Turns out it is a fancy word for recycled.  The scarf was made from a sweater that was cut down and then decorated.  It is a beautiful scarf and I absolutely love it and I wear it all the time. 

I have a re-purposed dog (Delilah)

Who's a pretty girl?

Whoever had her before us, bred her and then cast her away. We were lucky enough to get her, I call her my second-hand rose.  She brings so much joy and laughter to our life that I could never put a price on it.

After yesterday’s Pet Writing Conference, I am repurposed!  I feel refreshed and ready to tackle this writing career again!  I may not be tackling it (right now) by trying to publish my book, but I am ready to tackle this blogging thing.  I am re-purposed!   Re-purposed, recycled, refreshed, no matter what word you put to it, it means the same thing.  We;  the scarf, Delilah and myself all have a new purpose in life and I for one am happy for all three of us.


Remember my post on tags?  Well today Delilah went over the fence.  I let them out and they were outside for a while which is unusual with all the snow we have.  So I went out and I called them, here comes Sampson but no Delilah.  So I start looking around and calling, and I look over at that spot on the fence and sure enough…there were paw prints!  Luckily for us she only wandered next door, and Chet saw her from the front porch and called her and she came right home!  Guess what Chet did this afternoon?  Yup, he cleared that snow away from the fence.

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