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Day Seventy Six – New Toys

When I went to the Pet Writing Conference I took a seminar on blogging from a really awesome group of people from blogpaws and I learned a few things.

Headers and bullet points:

Use headers and bullet points to help different topics or paragraphs in your blog standout.  You do this in order for people to skim quickly through your blog and find the items or topics that are of importance to them.

Speaking of the conference:

We got some goodie bags at the conference and since Hartz was one of the sponsors my bag had two items from Hartz in it; a ball and a chew toy that helps keep the dog’s teeth clean.

Chew Toy,  Football

The chew toy and the football

I gave the ball to Delilah, 

Delilah Loves the Ball

Delilah and her squeaky ball

 Lesson one; always give the first toy to Delilah, at least then Sampson has a chance! 🙂

The ball was a big hit; both dogs love the squeaky toys.  They take the ball and run through the house….squeak, squeak, squeak.

Then I gave the bone to Sampson…

Sampson and the chew bone

Sampson loved the chew bone…until Delilah took it away, now they are sharing it but I will go to the store tomorrow to see if I can find another one.

Both of the toys are very sturdy and durable, and I do recommend them if you are looking for some toys or chewing items for your dog.

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