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Day Eighty – What do you think?

I gave myself a challenge beginning in December and that was to write in my blog everyday (hence the Day…at the beginning of each post.) My dilemma now becomes what to write about.  Since going to the Pet Writing Conference last weekend I decided that I would like to focus on writing about dogs;  and since I really love writing about my own it seems the logical choice.   I wonder though if writing about them every day is too much. 

There is a blog on Animal Planet called  Daily Treat that has been funny every time I checked it out.  The thing is though, that I don’t know if I have the material to write about the two dogs everyday and make the blog worth reading.  

So I want to throw this out to you; I am not excusing myself from my challenge, I still intend on writing everyday, I was just wondering what you thought about me taking this blog and making it a weekly or bi-weekly blog; on the off days I will use my Auntie Jodi’s Thoughts to keep myself in writing frame.

My goal here is to produce a great blog with great content and not bore you to tears.

What say you?

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