Life with Sampson and Delilah….The 411

Did you ever have one of those days, where no matter how hard you tried to be positive, the negative tries to drag you down?

It was really cool here yesterday morning with the weather person predicting it would become more hot and humid as the day wore on.

Rather than turn the air on at 8:00 am while it was cool, I turned the whole house fan on, opened a couple of windows and gave my mother explicit instructions.

ME: After you’ve finished your laundry Cinderella, before you head back down to your dungeon, shut the window and the two doors, and shut off the whole house fan.  You can turn the air conditioning on as you head down stairs.

Now repeat it to me.

MOTHER: Yes, Queen Mother, shut the back door, the sliding door, the window by the pool table as well as the whole house fan and turn the air conditioning on.

She repeated that to me three times.

Okay, you got me.  I did not really call her Cinderella, and she definitely does not call me Queen Mother.

(She may call me a mutha, I wouldn’t put it past her, but she wouldn’t dare say it to my face.)

Sounds like a fine start to the day, no?

I work for an engineering firm, the office we work from is in the basement of a building.   I don’t know what type of business existed here before us, but there isn’t one damn closet in the whole place.  After much whining and crying negotiating on my part, I finally managed to procure some storage and filing cabinets.  Still we’re an engineering firm, we produce a lot of paper, much of it is rolled up plans.

Which have nowhere to go.

I have the ‘eh’ attitude where I just pile it up.  Really if you insist upon saving every scrap of paper (which my boss does) don’t look to me to find somewhere to stuff file it.

We had three hours notice that our biggest client was coming in.  Naturally my boss turns into what I fondly refer to as “Captain Chaos.”

Trust me, it fits.

The otherwise peaceful day has now turned into what can only be construed as aggravating, still I manage to get through it.

As I’m getting ready to leave to drop my co-worker off to his car, I remember we are having some trees cut down today, and the crew will be starting first thing in the morning.

I need to move the survey truck.

I go into my desk drawer where the keys are kept and nothing.

No keys.  One of my co-workers must have used the keys and not returned them.

She’s on vacation this week and her desk is locked.

I frantically dig through my desk as well as the office safe looking for the spare keys and eventually find them.  I move the truck, we hop in the car and I run my co-worker out to his car.  Then I have to stop at Fed-EX to drop off the plans that are going out to a contractor.

The damn thing weighed 17 pounds and I hurt my shoulder as I muscled them to the Fed-Ex box.

Finally, I am on my way home.

As I stopped to get the mail on my way in, I looked up at the house and noticed Cinderella mom had forgotten to close the sliding door to the small porch over-looking the driveway.

What the hell I thought, she thinks I can afford to cool all outdoors? (It sounds like something a mother would say, right?)

The dogs heard me pull in and rushed to door to greet me.

I pulled into the yard and saw the dogs faces at the window.

You know how sometimes things  happen so fast that you sort of see it coming, but not really?

Apparently the neighbor’s cat was kind enough to come over and hunt chipmunks.  Thank you neighbor’s cat, we do appreciate your help!

Poor neighbor’s cat is afraid of cars.

The cat ran across the front lawn to escape the car.

As the cat crossed the front lawn in search of greener, car-less pastures.

Delilah’s head went through the screen door.

Comments on: "Did You Ever Have One Of Those Days?" (48)

  1. And somewhere in the midst of all of this, you managed to get a blog out – amazing!

  2. I had a foster dog who did that. She was playing eith my dog and turned and jumped through my screen door. no believed me but fortunately/unfortunately I was video taping it when it happened.

    • Holy smack!! I didn’t have my camera ready so I missed it. I’ve been worried about that happening since we moved in, still it took her 4 1/2 years so I guess I’ve been pretty lucky.

      Sometimes it boggles my mind what we catch on video. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. peggyspetplace said:

    Oh dear!! Well I am assuming the dog, cat and chipmunk are all fine, at least!

  4. Oh what a day!! I your evening was more relaxing 🙂 I always wonder about someone going through our front door screen – especially now that Cali seems to “forget” that there is a screen door when we open the door to let her out . . getting old can be so hard!!

    • Well I did get out to watch the grandson play t-ball and we took the dogs for a walk around the block, still everything felt rushed.

      Poor Cali! How many screens have you gone through? Luckily for us the Hubster is learning to re-screen the screens. (HUH?) LOL

  5. I know those days.

    The universe just seems to compound incident after incident to test you. Everyone and every dog, cat, chipmunk is in on it.

  6. Oops! Once we had family staying with us and their lab did the same darn thing. Good things screens are inexpensive to repair. That was inconvenient, but once I had Thunder out in the yard and it was dusk. We have one of those Pella self storing screen doors which can be tough for a dog to see. Well he was outside and saw the cat inside. He decided he wanted to say “hi” and plowed through it. Luckily he only broke a small inexpensive part. If he had ripped that screen it would have been very costly to fix.

    Hope today is going better.

    • It’s always been at the back of my mind when I leave the door open, although if I’m leaving the house fan on I usually stick something in the door so they can’t open it.

      I’ve never heard of the Pella screen, but I’m glad he didn’t break the whole thing. You gotta love them!!

      Yes, today was much better. 🙂

  7. Brutal. My cat did that once, completely destroyed the screen. He’d escaped the night before and I guess was pissed off that we had closed the door when we went to bed. Good thing the door was already broken and set to be replaced. 😛

    I hope today goes much better!

  8. Oh goodness… when it rains, it pours!

  9. Will and Eko said:

    Sounds like there’s never a dull moment in your house!

  10. When things go wrong and especially if they happen in 3s (Cindy, keys, cat) you’re done with the bad stuff. Or so I’ve been told! Good luck! 😉

  11. That Delilah is one BUSY girl!!!! Mazzie would have done the same…. no worse. Thankfully the damage to your home was minimal.

  12. I blame your mom…if she had closed the door poor Delilah could not have done that LOL

    Hope the rest of your week goes better 🙂

  13. Hey Sampson, Hey Delilah, Jet here. HI Miss Jodi.

    Yeesh… Mom said there is this children’s book called Alexander’s No Good Very Bad Day… they even made it into a play… sounds like the title fits!

    Miss Jodi… I bet when you re-read your post, you will smile just a little knowing you wrote so cleverly and vented! 🙂

  14. I have those kind of days at least once a week:( I just keep telling myself it makes me a stronger person when that I can get through them! Yeah….whatever:)
    I am sorry about your screen but I am laughing picturing Delilah’s head sticking out of it:))))

    • Thankfully it didn’t come ALL the way out, or she might have just gone over the railing! Poor Jen, you have your hands fuller than I do!!

  15. O no paw delilah I hope she is ok??!!

  16. Y’know, if you had been able to catch that on film, you’d have a very funny movie. Funny, that is, to everyone but you.

    i hope today is a little better. It probably couldn’t be worse without bloodshed. 🙂

    • I actually didn’t think it was too bad, you kind of have to laugh. I’m just grateful there was no bloodshed or emergency vet visits!

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  18. I’m trying not to laugh, but I’m sorry, I can’t! Poor thing you!

  19. First I’ll say I’m sorry you had a stressful day – second I love the new Dog Flap – I’m a Dog it was the first thing that came into my head, I’ve been wanting to do that to our screen for ages, but I’m still building up the courage, I love that Delilah waited until the perfect moment and she could blame the Cat! 🙂

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  20. Delilah going through the screen door sounds like it must have been the perfect end to a crappy day. I hope you somehow managed a laugh.

  21. We hope you have a better weekend! My mom had that happen to her before but instead of going through a screen door, her dog Zuess went through a glass window. Yeah…mom wasn’t very happy with Zuess! But at least Zuess didn’t get hurt with all the glass and everything!

  22. I really hope those days don’t happen too often!

  23. The good news is, Delilah could have gone through and Out the screen at any time of the day; so glad you didn’t come home to a missing [or worse] puppy. Groing up, we had a shepard that used to do that, not just screens but windows! Not a happy situation!

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