Life with Sampson and Delilah….The 411

This ‘N That Thursday

Many thanks to our friends at 2 Brown Dawgs blog for creating This ‘N That Thursday.

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I wanted to share an example of just HOW good my boy Sampson is.

Last night Hubby went outside to ‘button up the jeep.’  In good weather he likes to take the top and doors off, but has to make sure everything goes back on at night.  Sampson loves to be outside with his daddy, he sits or lies in the driveway and basically watches the world go by.

Sometimes friendly people and dogs walk by and Sampson and Daddy will step out for a visit.  Most nights Daddy ends this ritual with a quick walk up and down the street.

As soon as they stepped outside, I realized that Sampson did not have his ID collar on.  (We all know how I feel about that.)  I left Delilah in the kitchen after I’d made sure there was nothing edible within her reach.

As I opened the door, Sampson looked up at me from his spot down the driveway and I said, “Hey Big Boy, you need to have your collar on.”

I held up the collar as I spoke and he ran right up to me and waited while I secured it around his neck.

That’s how damn good and damn smart Sampson is.

I’m afraid he has ruined me for any future dogs.


Remember that post from a couple of weeks back, the one where Delilah’s head went through the screen after a cat?

In yesterday’s post I mentioned how Sampson and Delilah were outside on Tuesday when I got home from work.   You may recall that Delilah was on the balcony.  Hubby, Sampson and I went inside the house and were greeted by Delilah.

She came in through the ripped screen. 🙂  The kicker was that Hubby had stopped at Home Depot on his way home, but forgot to get the screen material.

The other thing I wanted to share about Delilah is this.  Last night I was sitting on my bed working on today’s post.

I was eating one of my (and the dogs) favorite snacks  – string cheese, while Sampson laid on the bed and Delilah sat on the floor both staring intently at me.

After I finished my snack, I stood up and slid my flip-flops (which had been on the floor next to the bed) on and almost hurled.  The left one was covered in drool. 😦

Do your dogs have any funny quirks you’d like to share?  Sound off in the comments.

Comments on: "This ‘N That Thursday" (11)

  1. It sure does sound like Sampson ruined it for any newbies coming in. LOL!
    Leah drools like that when we eat ice cream…HER favorite people snack. 🙂

  2. Sampson what a clever boy! Sometimes our pets really blow our minds with how in tune they are with us :-). My dogs often love to join me in the car when I go to do my late checks on patients. Shepo is often very psyched about the trip because I have gotten him used to being rewarded at the end of the trip. He will start to poke me and sniff my pockets as soon as I get back into the car. It is so halarious 🙂

  3. I have a funny cat story….in my other life i had a bobbed tail yellow tom cat, and my exhusband was scolding cat from being on the counter, i heard the ruckus and came into the room to see what had happened. the EX had swatted the cat off the counter. and i was telling him about how i did not like his training methods….as i was speaking my mind..i heard this water running noise and looked back and saw my cat pissing in my EX’s slipper…..i laughed til i cryed…cat was saying…I’ll teach you….thanks for listening…

  4. LOL good This ‘N That Thursday! Our dogs drool while watching us eat things or even just when we are getting their food ready. It is amazing how the stuff just appears!

    Sampson is a good boy!

  5. ewwww… but i’m glad it was drool, and not what I thought it might be (cat yark… dog puke… dog… busines). Gwynn smacks his lips at me when i’m holding something he likes the taste of. When he’s begging for treats (from me, or anyone), he sits very nicely… and shimmies himself into the smallest space possible… like maybe dogs that take up less floor space get better treats 😛

  6. One of Junebug’s favorite things to do is to lie with my pillow in her mouth, like it’s a passifier. She’ll move it around the bed to where ever is most comfortable for her. But many a night, when I come to bed, I can’t use one edge of my pillow. Of course, she then takes it to mean that that part of the pillow is still for her. If I’m lucky, she’ll rest her head on it and blow puppy (she’s 3 y/o) in my face. But most nights, she tries to steal my pillow out from under my head, as she makes herself comfy.

  7. Frankie Furter and Ernie said:

    Drool on the flipper floppers is pretty funny.

  8. Sampson sounds like my Murray! I also have a Jeep I “button up” …Jeep wave!

  9. Oh come on Jodi! A little bit of drool never hurt anybody! They say it’s a very good skin moisturizer!

  10. Drool is our constant companion Jodi 🙂 We usually meet it as it flies across the room when Bassa vigorously shakes her head.

  11. Shame on you – making the poor dogs drool whilst you ate their favourite treat. I must say, Sampson is really remarkably good! You’re right, you’re probably ruined now 🙂

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