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This ‘N That Thursday

Many thanks to our friends at 2 Brown Dawgs blog for creating This ‘N That Thursday.

Courtesy of 2 Brown Dawgs Blog


I wanted to share an example of just HOW good my boy Sampson is.

Last night Hubby went outside to ‘button up the jeep.’  In good weather he likes to take the top and doors off, but has to make sure everything goes back on at night.  Sampson loves to be outside with his daddy, he sits or lies in the driveway and basically watches the world go by.

Sometimes friendly people and dogs walk by and Sampson and Daddy will step out for a visit.  Most nights Daddy ends this ritual with a quick walk up and down the street.

As soon as they stepped outside, I realized that Sampson did not have his ID collar on.  (We all know how I feel about that.)  I left Delilah in the kitchen after I’d made sure there was nothing edible within her reach.

As I opened the door, Sampson looked up at me from his spot down the driveway and I said, “Hey Big Boy, you need to have your collar on.”

I held up the collar as I spoke and he ran right up to me and waited while I secured it around his neck.

That’s how damn good and damn smart Sampson is.

I’m afraid he has ruined me for any future dogs.


Remember that post from a couple of weeks back, the one where Delilah’s head went through the screen after a cat?

In yesterday’s post I mentioned how Sampson and Delilah were outside on Tuesday when I got home from work.   You may recall that Delilah was on the balcony.  Hubby, Sampson and I went inside the house and were greeted by Delilah.

She came in through the ripped screen. 🙂  The kicker was that Hubby had stopped at Home Depot on his way home, but forgot to get the screen material.

The other thing I wanted to share about Delilah is this.  Last night I was sitting on my bed working on today’s post.

I was eating one of my (and the dogs) favorite snacks  – string cheese, while Sampson laid on the bed and Delilah sat on the floor both staring intently at me.

After I finished my snack, I stood up and slid my flip-flops (which had been on the floor next to the bed) on and almost hurled.  The left one was covered in drool. 😦

Do your dogs have any funny quirks you’d like to share?  Sound off in the comments.

This ‘N That Thursday

Today I’m participating in This ‘N That Thursday sponsored/hosted/created by 2 Brown Dawgs blog.

You know sometimes you have little snippets, not quite enough for a full post.  Ah-hah yes, This ‘N That Thursday.

Courtesy of 2 Brown Dawgs Blog

Training thoughts:

Forty-five minutes is not long enough for a dog training class. ( Or a therapist session for that matter.)  Tuesday night we worked on heeling and loose-leash walking.

Needless to say, I wasn’t really successful with either.

The class was held outside and I seemed to keep losing Delilah’s attention.  The instructor said, welcome to full moon.

Delilah wasn’t the only one, all the dogs were kind of edgy, one dog kept reacting to Delilah and I kept moving myself farther and farther from the class as clueless people who clearly have no understanding of reactive dogs, just lah-dee-dahed around.

We each took a turn heeling our dog and then with a loose leash, walking past a bowl of treats.  Since I was struggling with Delilah I fell back on heeling the way Sara taught me, by stepping back and using the leash to guide Delilah around my back.

Big No No.

The instructor then showed me how much extra work I was creating for myself by not luring Delilah with a treat, in front of the whole class. 😦

Eventually we managed to walk past the bowl of treats.  Phew.

Out and About:

Saw this post on Something Wagging’s facebook page yesterday and it impressed me to no end.

My reply to a review product offer: “The lit collar is an interesting product. However, I see that also sells collars that emit an electric shock to dogs.

The purpose of my blog is to encourage a positive, human/canine bond. I don’t believe that can happen if you shock your dog instead of using current scientific training methods.

Because of your client’s other products, I do not feel comfortable reviewing this item.”

Do you agree? Or disagree?

WOW, did I tell you I was impressed.  A woman who stands by her principles and cannot be bought.

I might have to write her name on the ballot in November. 🙂

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