Life with Sampson and Delilah….The 411

WTF/Whoo Hoo Wednesday

Please note this post is not meant to make light of the deeds described here, only to make fun of, ridicule, bully and just plain beat the shit out of the idiots who commit these stupid acts.

W. T. F.

Well believe it or not, there were two WTF’s at Stone Manor this week and they both happened yesterday!

Hubby was outside when I got home.

I looked up as I pulled in and saw Sampson run across the lawn to greet me.  Sampson loves to be out when his Dad is working outside, Delilah who can’t be trusted to stay in the yard, greeted me from the balcony.

I love when Hubby is home when I get home because it means he can prepare the dog’s food and start supper while I get an early walk in.

I asked Hubby to prepare their food,  while I went and changed into my walking clothes.

The dogs were intently watching Dad chunk the roast.

A big WTF goes out to the canines at Stone Manor.

I jingled their collars and was ignored.


I’m the one who takes you for a walk every, single day and you ignore me for a hunk of beef?

Where’s the love man?

Hubby’s the brunt of the second WTF.

I reached down to put Sampson’s collar on and realized he didn’t have his ID collar on while he was outside!

WTF?  I said to Hubby, he was outside without a collar?

Guess what that a-hole said?

Unlike you, I have faith in him.

News flash: I have faith in him too muther f*cker, you know why I have faith?

Because I’m the one out there walking and working those  dogs every day of my life.

Don’t ever imply I don’t have faith in my dogs.  That just might earn you a night or two on the couch.

What kind of idiot lets their dog outside without a collar?

The idiot who lives with me. 😦

WTF/Whoo Hoo

Injured Dog Rescued From Mountain.

In last week’s WTF post Missy the German Shepherd’s story made the WTF portion of the post.  Technically while it was horrible, the fact that a group of strangers came together to save her should have been a big WHOO HOO!!

I’m still on the fence about this one, only because after abandoning his dog, this jack wagon now wants his dog back.

I have a saying and it goes like this, “You can blame your parents for the first eighteen years of your life, after that you need to own your own shit.”  Yes you can quote me.

I’ll give him credit, the guy owned his shit.

And I’ll own mine, I still haven’t read all the threads on the hiking forum, but I have read this article.  Apparently the guy says he did try and get the dog down the mountain and did call 911 but was told that rescue teams only went out for humans.

I believe that.  But I also believe that there were other options available to him and that he didn’t put forth the effort that one of us would have put forth.

I get that not everyone knows about the great dog resources and support available by social media, but you have to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard ABOUT social media!

Come on!  Women have been reunited with their lost children on Facebook!!

He messed up, he messed up bad.  He admitted it.  He wants his dog back.

Sorry Charlie, only the best tasting tuna gets to be Starfish.

Whoo Hoo

Whew!  My really bad WTF for this week turned out to be a Whoo Hoo!

My dear friend Donna, from Donna and the dogs posted this on my facebook page.

Three Dogs Tied to Ohio Railroad Tracks, One Survives.

I read the post with a sick feeling in my stomach and then tried to get it out of my mind until it was time to write the post.

Quite honestly, even though I read about this kind of stuff all the time, it still just boggles my mind how cruel some people can be.

If you really don’t want a dog, then please just bring it to the pound.  Even if they end up putting it to sleep (it sucks, but it’s reality) at least it’s humane.

When I sat down to write the post I did a little googling to see if maybe they caught the ass-clown who did this and I found this article.

Cleveland police say story of 3 dogs tied to Tremont railroad tracks wasn’t true.

What a freakin relief!

Although I worry now that someone has put the idea out there that some other a-hole won’t attempt to do the same thing. 😦

Thankfully this week’s WTF/Whoo Hoo didn’t leave me feeling to down in the dumps.  How was your week?  Anything you’d like to share?

Comments on: "WTF/Whoo Hoo Wednesday" (27)

  1. Do we have the same husband?

  2. I won’t tell you then that Shiva often goes out without her tags… She has a collar just not always any ID. Oops.

    I am kind of curious how the railroad story got started. Was it just a rumour? I am glad it wasn’t true but it’s strange the story spread so quickly if there was no basis at all. That deserves a WTF all on its own.

    • Apparently there are always people out there taking pictures (trains, railroads etc) and someone must have seen someone with their camera and then saw the dog. I’m not sure. The police said the dog’s leash was tangled, but then the dog is up for adoption, so I’m not really to clear on the whole story.

      Even a tag with just her name and phone number on it would suffice. 🙂

  3. Oh I just laughed me ass off! My husband has pulled that same thing on me, just last weekend to be exact! He let Sherman out in the front yard without his leash on. I almost had a heart attack! I was like, “What are you doing!!?” He was like, “He’s not going to go anywhere, has he ever gone anywhere?” No!!! because he’s always on a leash!!!

    The railroad story got me too. I posted it o FB and then the next day my Mom told me the story was a lie and the dog had runaway and his leash got stuck under the tracks. WTH? How did someone mess that story up?

    • LOL I think we might be married to twins. :0 Yeah, I don’t get the railroad story either, unless the cops are trying to downplay the story to insure there are no copycats. 😦

  4. Does hubby read your blog? Mine does, so I have to behave! We still need to have a “What were we thinking” day 🙂 (or maybe . .what were THEY thinking!) I’m glad the railroad story wasn’t true . .I only read the headline and couldn’t go any further!

    • No, he read it once when he was prepping for a colonoscopy, I was actually quite surprised that he even found it. LOL

      I like that, What were they thinking? I was glad the railroad story wasn’t true either. Unfortunately If I make it a WTF post I need to read (or at least skim) the article.

  5. The Cleveland story is such a good example of the media rushing to report any story that has sensationalism about it without waiting for an investigation to see if there is any truth to it. This makes us all cynical about all news sources. I’ve read so many stories like this. And even worse the sensational story is at the top and the retraction is on page 6 or not even reported.

    • The media in this country is out of control which is one of the reasons I stopped watching the news. It is all negative and sensationalized.

  6. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If ever a picture depicted the two different personalities of Delilah and Sampson, that one does.

    No comment of the WTF.

    • They are as different as night and day. I’m glad it was noticeable in the photo. I actually took the picture a couple of times because she was standing up. LOL

  7. Hey Sampson, Hey Delilah, Jet here. Hi Miss Jodi.

    Mom feels the same way when we ignore her when our sister, Rachel, is eating something yummy.

    We’re always on leash except at the dog park, or the backyards of Dixie and Neve and we wear our collars ALWAYS except for 2 walks after our spa day while our collars are drying. We both wear harnesses then. 🙂

    • What is it about food Jetty? LOL

      When you are wearing your harnesses, you have identification on them right? That is why S & D need to have theirs on, just in case. At least then someone can call me and say, I’ve found your dog. 🙂

  8. Our dogs never wear tags. *hangs head*

    Not the Colorado story again…lol. Here’s the thing: What is the difference between the guy on the mountain and someone who owns a so called “bully breed” who is not watching it and it jumps/scratches/bites/knocks over another person and then ends up euthanized? Usually people rally around that person despite their bad decision and hope the dog can just go home.

    Or the story you shared a while back about the agility trainer who made a bad decision, fell asleep while driving, had an accident which killed a puppy and lost a dog in a rural area. Should she get her dog back once it was rescued? There was never a question.

    People make bad decisions all of the time. IMO the difference would be whether they learn from them.

    What about the dog? Provided the guy has always given her a good home, is it better to take her away from all she knows just to deliver what some feel is proper punishment?

    Saw this story. The couple should have left the dog.

    I am very relieved to read the railroad story was not true!

    • You are right about the guy and the dog, that is what I look forward to your comments, you usually present me with an opinion I hadn’t thought of. It really is no different.

      I did see that story about the Massachusetts couple, how very sad. I would never jump in the water if I couldn’t swim. Yikes!

      As for the tags, shame on you! LOL

  9. Frankie Furter and Ernie said:

    That Cleveland Train track thingy caused a big stir here in Ohio fur a couple of days. WHEW.

  10. The train track one makes me sick! Some people are just so awful! I don’t get it.

  11. Steak trumps walks every day! 🙂
    Thank you so much for discovering and posting that the story about the traintracks wasn’t true. I had no idea, I saw it on facebook….so that should have given me a clue. What a relief! Off to go read the new link that you posted above. 🙂

  12. […] WTF/Whoo Hoo Wednesday – Author’s Note […]

  13. Right at the beginning of this post, I was thinking “how sweet, she loves when her husband gets home before her” – well, you put me in my place there. Tut, tut, it was just to get the food done (although, honestly, I’d love that too).

    As for the other sections – I’m just horrified with people. Not the good ones – there are plenty of them but who grows up thinking animal abuse is fun?!?!? My stomach is still sitting in my throat after reading the last one.

  14. Oh dear, try not to get too upset about hubby’s “faith” remark or the dogs Pavlovian response to food. You are wonderful with the dogs and know them better than anyone because you put a lot of effort into the relationship – your hubby is missing out so much by not involving himself in all aspects of their lives Jodi. You have learned a lot about yourself because of Sampson and Delilah.

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