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WTF/Whoo Hoo Wednesday

Please note this post is not meant to make light of the deeds described here, only to make fun of, ridicule, bully and just plain beat the shit out of the idiots who commit these stupid acts.

W. T. F.

Well believe it or not, there were two WTF’s at Stone Manor this week and they both happened yesterday!

Hubby was outside when I got home.

I looked up as I pulled in and saw Sampson run across the lawn to greet me.  Sampson loves to be out when his Dad is working outside, Delilah who can’t be trusted to stay in the yard, greeted me from the balcony.

I love when Hubby is home when I get home because it means he can prepare the dog’s food and start supper while I get an early walk in.

I asked Hubby to prepare their food,  while I went and changed into my walking clothes.

The dogs were intently watching Dad chunk the roast.

A big WTF goes out to the canines at Stone Manor.

I jingled their collars and was ignored.


I’m the one who takes you for a walk every, single day and you ignore me for a hunk of beef?

Where’s the love man?

Hubby’s the brunt of the second WTF.

I reached down to put Sampson’s collar on and realized he didn’t have his ID collar on while he was outside!

WTF?  I said to Hubby, he was outside without a collar?

Guess what that a-hole said?

Unlike you, I have faith in him.

News flash: I have faith in him too muther f*cker, you know why I have faith?

Because I’m the one out there walking and working those  dogs every day of my life.

Don’t ever imply I don’t have faith in my dogs.  That just might earn you a night or two on the couch.

What kind of idiot lets their dog outside without a collar?

The idiot who lives with me. 😦

WTF/Whoo Hoo

Injured Dog Rescued From Mountain.

In last week’s WTF post Missy the German Shepherd’s story made the WTF portion of the post.  Technically while it was horrible, the fact that a group of strangers came together to save her should have been a big WHOO HOO!!

I’m still on the fence about this one, only because after abandoning his dog, this jack wagon now wants his dog back.

I have a saying and it goes like this, “You can blame your parents for the first eighteen years of your life, after that you need to own your own shit.”  Yes you can quote me.

I’ll give him credit, the guy owned his shit.

And I’ll own mine, I still haven’t read all the threads on the hiking forum, but I have read this article.  Apparently the guy says he did try and get the dog down the mountain and did call 911 but was told that rescue teams only went out for humans.

I believe that.  But I also believe that there were other options available to him and that he didn’t put forth the effort that one of us would have put forth.

I get that not everyone knows about the great dog resources and support available by social media, but you have to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard ABOUT social media!

Come on!  Women have been reunited with their lost children on Facebook!!

He messed up, he messed up bad.  He admitted it.  He wants his dog back.

Sorry Charlie, only the best tasting tuna gets to be Starfish.

Whoo Hoo

Whew!  My really bad WTF for this week turned out to be a Whoo Hoo!

My dear friend Donna, from Donna and the dogs posted this on my facebook page.

Three Dogs Tied to Ohio Railroad Tracks, One Survives.

I read the post with a sick feeling in my stomach and then tried to get it out of my mind until it was time to write the post.

Quite honestly, even though I read about this kind of stuff all the time, it still just boggles my mind how cruel some people can be.

If you really don’t want a dog, then please just bring it to the pound.  Even if they end up putting it to sleep (it sucks, but it’s reality) at least it’s humane.

When I sat down to write the post I did a little googling to see if maybe they caught the ass-clown who did this and I found this article.

Cleveland police say story of 3 dogs tied to Tremont railroad tracks wasn’t true.

What a freakin relief!

Although I worry now that someone has put the idea out there that some other a-hole won’t attempt to do the same thing. 😦

Thankfully this week’s WTF/Whoo Hoo didn’t leave me feeling to down in the dumps.  How was your week?  Anything you’d like to share?

W.T.F./Whoo Hoo Wednesday

Please note this post is not meant to make light of the deeds described here, only to make fun of, ridicule, bully and just plain beat the shit out of the idiots who commit these stupid acts.

Airline Employees Abuse Disable Veteran and His Service Dog – Dallas, Texas

According to this veteran two different United Airlines employees kicked his dog and then another employee allegedly called him retarded.  Are you freakin’ kidding me?

You kicked a dog.

In the airport.

You do know that non-working dogs aren’t typically allowed in airports right?  So this wasn’t some stressed out, out-of-control dog hell-bent on destruction.

It’s what we call a service dog.  Think about those words.  Service.

Most service dogs I know are mellower than mellow, they would never jump, bark or even lick someone while working.

And who the hell says retarded anymore?  The politically correct term is mentally challenged or handicapped.

If you’re going to act like a freakin moron, please at least use the correct terminology.

You couldn’t have picked a bigger demographic of people to piss off.  Veterans, people who love veterans and animal lovers.  Good thing you just merged with Continental, they should be able to carry your ass for a while.

I think I just figured out why United only serves peanuts on their flights,  apparently their employees aren’t capable of handling much more than that.

Whoo Hoo Wednesday!!

Ohio Removes Pit Bull From Vicious Dogs List –  Colombus, OH

Um, this bit of news is like 2 1/2 months old.  I know it’s shameful, but it just came across my facebook page a couple of days ago, either way you look at it, it’s great news indeed!

Ohio was one of those moronic states that thinks just because a dog looks a certain way, he acts a certain way as well.

Thankfully more and more towns and states are beginning to wise up that in most instances it is not the dogs that are fault, but irresponsible owners.

Watch out Miami/Dade you’re next!

Check out this post from Life With Dogs.

Do you think it matters that this Mayor is a woman?

Anything got your dander up this week?  Something good rock your world?  Please share in the comments.

WTF/Whoo Hoo Wednesday

Please note this post is not meant to make light of the deeds described here, only to make fun of, ridicule, bully and just plain beat the shit out of the idiots who commit these stupid acts.

Puppy Found in Dumpster – Winnipeg, Canada

This has got to be one of the cutest little puppies I have ever seen.

Photo courtesy of CJOB/68

Rayne a little shepherd-collie mix was found in the pouring rain in a dumpster.  Considering the size of the puppy and the size of a dumpster, I think we can all surmise that someone threw her in there.

Puppy Found in Trash Can – Atlanta, Georgia

Peyton a little shepherd mix was found by a feral cat searcher, covered in trash, tar and grime in the bottom of a trash can.  Again, considering the size of the puppy and the size of a 55 gallon trash can, it’s pretty apparent that at only four months old this little guy was thrown away.


Puppies are so easy to place, I know at our local Humane Society puppies come in and puppies go out.  There is absolutely no need to throw a puppy away!  Cripes, at least drop it off at the pound so it has a chance, don’t leave it alone, having to fend for itself.  Do the Humane thing!

If the worst happens and the puppy is destroyed at least it isn’t starved to death.

Give it a fighting chance.

If I were a millionaire I would organize a watchdog group, who would use all resources available to track down the cowards who dump dogs.  And guess what?

Yup, they’d go in a giant friggin dumpster!  Left alone to fend for themselves and eat garbage.

Up yours coward.

Whoo Hoo Wednesday

The whoo hoo part of this post is designed to celebrate the small and large triumphs within our animal community.

Missing dog found alive after southeastern Arizona crash – Arizona

It was a sad story out of Arizona, Monday and Tuesday.  A renowned agility trainer, Elicia Calhoun had a terrible car accident Monday morning.  All six of her dogs were ejected from the car.  A thirteen week-old-puppy was killed at the scene and three of the dogs were taken to the vet but the other two dogs ran off.

I found the story yesterday morning on the No Dog About It Blog and was captivated.  I immediately joined the facebook page that had been set up to help find the two missing dogs and I checked it every five minutes, holding my breath, hoping to hear that both dogs had been found alive and well.

Sadly one of the dogs was hit by a car and killed while the other one, Tobie remained missing.  Elicia checked herself out of the hospital to assist in the search and shortly after 9:00 am (mountain time) the word came down that Tobie had been found and reunited with Elicia.

The picture said it all.

Photo courtesy of ABC


That’s all I have for today, so what had you shaking your head and screaming, W.T.F. or Whoo Hoo this week?

W.T.F./Whoo Hoo Wednesday

Here is your W.T.F./ Whoo Hoo for this past week.

Please note this post is not meant to make light of the deeds described here, only to make fun of, ridicule, bully and just plain beat the shit out of the idiots who commit these stupid acts.

Manchester, Connecticut – This post kind of falls into both categories Police dogs finally receiving vests.

A while back I posted about some dog organizations that interested me, one of them was the vests for police dogs.  As you may know we had a police dog injured in our rental property due to the craziness of the (now ex) neighbor.  Thankfully the police dog wasn’t severely injured and Bobby the lunatic did not shoot at them, but at the time the police went into the house they had no idea what they were dealing with.

The police officer in charge of the case informed me that when they cut the cord Bobby had used to board himself in the attic, they heard a pop and initially thought he was shooting at them.  It turned out to be an electrical cord, thankfully for them.  Because I’m pretty sure Manchester police dogs do not have vests.

A lovely woman named Kathy Prudden paid CT-Vest-A-Dog $800.00 and never received the vests.  The owner Mark Moron Moran, has apparently done a bunk and is nowhere to be found.

How can you take money for something and not provide the product?  Especially for a dog that in all likelihood would take a bullet for you if he had to.  What kind of moronic piece of filth are you?

After reading the article though it seems like you’re in a bit more trouble than just not providing vests.  I hope when the Feds catch up with you (which I’m hopeful they will) they are using a police dog with a vest.  And when you resist arrest, which you will probably do because your too stupid to take responsibility for what you’ve done, I hope that dog wearing a bullet proof vest knocks you on your  dumb ass.

Really Mark, have you not heard of my friend Karma, she’s a fickle bitch that likes to bite people on the ass.

Think about it.

Fort Worth, TexasFriendly Family Pet Killed By Officer Responding To Wrong Address. (Compliments of Life With Dogs)

Ok so first the cop responds to the wrong address.   The owners two dogs come running out to greet their new friend.  The owners tell the police officer “the dogs are friendly, just let us grab them and we will put them in the backyard.”  The husband catches one of the dogs but the other dog approaches the officer.

The officer thinks this dog is a Pit Bull

Looks nothing at all like a Pit Bull to me.

So he shoots and kills her.

The unnamed ball-less officer still has not offered an apology. As if that would even begin to make up for what he did.

I’m thinking someone needs to get this officer some education and quick.   One so he can learn his numbers correctly, two so he knows the difference between a dog running and wagging it’s tail in greeting from a charging, snarling I will f*ck you up dog and three at least get some idea of what Pit Bull type dog looks like.

Word of advice officer, when you deal with the public it’s a good idea to know the difference from an asshole and a hole in the ground.   I’d say everyone in Fort Worth knows who the asshole is in the story.

Chicago, Illinois – Puppy Thrown From Balcony Adopted By The Officer Who Saved Her (Compliments of Life With Dogs)

Another crappy story with a happy ending. Jamille Marshall was arrested and charged with one felony count of aggravated cruelty to animals after throwing a four-month-old puppy named Cowgirl out a third story window.  Thankfully she survived the fall with only a broken elbow.

Cowgirl  is recovering at the No Kill animal shelter and will be adopted by the officer who found her.  She will go to a loving home where she will join a two-year old sibling.

Ummmm Jamille did your mother ever mention that you shouldn’t throw anything out a window?  Specifically if it’s alive!

WTF is wrong with you?  Housebreaking a puppy does not mean you really break it.

With any luck the Chicago cops have your number and you’ll be pulled over anytime there’s a foul smell in the air.  Which I imagine in Chicago happens pretty frequently.

Pocono, Pennsylvania – Pet birds killed inside vacant home in Kunkletown.  (Thanks to Donna and the Dogs for this one.)

WTF is up in Kunkletown?  Bryana Renner and her fiance were in the process of moving into a new home, because of an increase in vandalism and theft in their neighborhood.   They left their pet birds at the old house and when they went to check on them on Saturday night they found that all but two had been brutally murdered.  The details are too gruesome for me, but I just can’t understand the cruelty of people.  I sure hope the police find these ass clowns and put an end to their bird killing days.

Now finally on to some really nice dog related news!

Whoo Hooo Wednesday!!!

Here’s the nice part about the Police dogs finally receiving vests.

That same wonderful woman, Kathy Prudden who coincidentally buys and raises these puppies before donating them to the police department, found and donated five vests, so finally the dogs are protected almost as well as our police officers.

Coco’s Forever Home

There’s a link to this story on my facebook page if you’re interested it’s a wonderful story about a young girl who fell in love at first sight and rescued a dog named Coco (who is now being called Sutton.) I could copy the whole post and put it here except this post is already quite long, so if you’re interested pop on over and check it out.

So what had you shaking your head saying WTF, or had you jumping for joy screaming, Whooo Hooo?

Whoo Hoo Wednesday

I had a WTF Wednesday post published and then I took a look at the last couple of WTF’s.  I’m not really sure that this is a popular feature (I’ve lost two subscribers in the last couple of weeks) so I decided to pull the post.

Truthfully, I think the people who commit these crimes are disgusting and while I’m poking fun at the people, inside in my heart it just doesn’t seem right to make someone laugh over something so vile.  Even if the laugh is aimed at the person committing the crime.

If I’m wrong about this I’m sure you all will let me know and I can start it up again.

So here is a Whoo Hoo Wednesday!

Over Crowded Shelter.

A shelter in Fort Worth with a capacity for 400 animals, had 560 as of yesterday.  For the first time in over two years the shelter is looking at having to euthanize healthy animals.

An emergency cry to the public and a reduction in adoption fees has resulted in the adoption of 87 animals!  Of course, there is still over-crowding in the shelter, so if you could share the above link on your social media outlets, perhaps we can help some special pets find their forever homes.  The reduced adoption rates will remain in effect until the end of May.

After I posted the original WTF on my facebook page one of my friends in Texas let me know that the shelter is swarming with potential adopters so the euthanasias have put on hold.

I think that’s amazing and worth a Whoo Hoo!  How bout’ you, what Whoo Hoo’d your world this week?

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