Life with Sampson and Delilah….The 411

Tick Tick BOOM

Thursday night Delilah and I popped into the drop-in agility class at The Mellow Mutt.

We were a few minutes early so I started my treat shopping, with Delilah’s help of course.

I was checking out the grain-free treats while Delilah tried to steal checked out a pig’s ear.  Sara’s dog, Chuck came over, whether it was to say hello to me or to tell Delilah to back off the treats, I’m not sure.  But before I knew it, they were snapping at each other.

What the BEEP?

I mean it’s Chuck, our buddy, the guy we play with ALL the time.

Chuckers went to sulk in the other room, Delilah and I finished our shopping and then we walked into the agility room.  I looked around and only saw one dog I knew, Brisco a really high-energy little guy.

I walked to the farthest corner of the room.

Dude.  I won’t lie.  That altercation with Chuck really threw me.

So there we are in our corner, Brisco is in one corner, there is a German Shepherd mix in one corner, an Akita named Boots against the wall and this couple walks into the last remaining corner with two Labs, one yellow and one black.

I thought Brisco had a lot of energy, but these two labs had way more and their mom said they’d been swimming and running earlier.  I thanked God right then and there that neither one of my dogs are that energetic.

We were up first and I wish I’d had a video, it was a great run.   All our future runs were mediocre as Delilah was now on the hunt for the treats left behind by the Labs.  In fact, when Sara took the chute up, Delilah spent a bit of time in there cleaning it up.

You can see the little brown treat between her legs, she could smell it but had the hardest time finding it.

During her first attempt at a run the black lab decided to rush headlong into our corner.

That didn’t work well.  She got a face full of chocolate lab.

Thankfully I remembered to scream LOOK, at which point Delilah’s head whipped around and the mom moved her dog out of the line of fire.

After the fiasco with the black lab I tried to keep Delilah distracted with treats.

The A-Frame was set up so when the dogs came over in one direction they could in fact run straight into our corner.

Unfortunately the GSD did not get the memo telling him to avoid the chocolate lab eating treats in the corner.

Yup, he was the next dog that got a face full of chocolate.

By the time we got to our fourth run, Delilah was exhausted and had more interest in cleaning up the leftover treats than she had in running the course again, and I was totally on edge, so we declined a fifth go.

I didn’t get a video of our run, however I did manage to record Brisco’s with his dad.

Up until a few months ago his parent’s were working agility with treats, but he loves the squeaker ball,  so Sara suggested using that instead which works a little better for him.

He doesn’t have the best form but his enthusiasm and energy makes him a joy to watch.  (Mental note to self, don’t hit the stop button quite so soon.)

The Tick Tick BOOM has absolutely nothing to do with this post, it’s a saying I heard on a show and I thought it sounded cool. 😉

Comments on: "Tick Tick BOOM" (12)

  1. Face full of chocolate!!! Oh that was a good one. I love to watch the dogs do agility. I was doing a bit of it with my Gracie until she was attack by the pits, she isn’t suppose to do any sort of jumping. I do suppose I could just do the tunnel and weave poles.
    Thanks for leaving the post about Molly… I was so fond of her and it was difficult to let her go. I am glad that I listened to my heart and placed her with the BEST family for her.
    P.s. how’s the book coming??

  2. Loved watching the video! That is so cool. Wish my dogs could do that, but Teddy has a bum leg, Ash is so unpredictable and Scout is suppose to be a trained hunting dog…that’s a story for another day! We liked the face full of chocolate comment too! Will have to remember that one!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Frankie Furter and Ernie said:

    Grrrrreat video fur SURE.

  4. […] fact, Delilah might have been a bit cranky), but Jodi of Life with Sampson and Delilah took Delilah to a drop in agility class where they had one good run, and Delilah got some extra […]

  5. Soon Delilah will be like the dog on the video.

  6. Hee hee. I’d stop for the treats too. 🙂

    • Hit ‘post’ too quickly! Flo shoplifted a piggy ear in the pet shop once. I had to take it up to the counter to pay for it whereupon it became much less interesting and she kept dropping it to leave it behind!

  7. I was sure that Tick Tick BOOM was going to be a post about one of Delilah’s ‘adventures’ 🙂 Great photo of Delilah in the chute looking for the treat. It’s like a pantomime – it’s behind you! 🙂

  8. I’m sure it must have been stressful but what great practice for Delilah, to be doing something she loves in the vicinity of other dogs…who sometimes get in others’ faces. Drop-in agility is a great idea.

  9. Hey Sampson, Hey Delilah, Jet here. Hi Miss Jodi.

    How cool, agility! What a busy night for Delilah, sounds like fun… except for the Chuckster incident…

  10. LOL Tick, Tick Boom is the name of a musical. I thought this was going to be a post about a musical.

    That is a small space for so many energetic dogs doing agility. I can imagine it is hard to keep their enthusiasm in check.

  11. Wow Jodi. So many altercations in one day. I guess even friends will fight over a pig ear. One of the trainers I used to go to would put dog’s like Delilah behind a ring gate to keep other dogs away and prevent snarking. It might be something you want to suggest, if there is room, so you don’t need to be on guard every moment – that can’t be fun for you. 😦

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